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Part Number: IS200STTCH2A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VI
Function: Terminal Board

General Electric Mark VI IS200STTCH2A is a DIN Rail Mounted Thermocouple Terminal Board. The IS200STTCH2A is mounted on a DIN rail. DIN rails are a common type of mechanical support installation that can sometimes be used to connect to the chassis ground. There aren't many components on the board. Lines of capacitors, resistors, and ferrite beads dominate the board's center, which is typically utilized as high-frequency noise suppression devices. This has a 48-position terminal strip on one side. The strip is split into two halves, each with 24 screw connections. Wires can be connected or terminated to the board quickly and easily using terminal strips.

  • One cable connector is located in the center of the other side of the board. This is a female DC connector with 37 positions. The board's only integrated circuit (U1) is located on one side of the board surface.
  • For identification purposes, the board has multiple codes, including 6BA00 and 94V-0. WOC has the largest stock of Speedtronic Mark VI control spares and we can repair your faulty IS200STTCH2A with a warranty of 12 months.
  • WORLD OF CONTROLS can also supply UNUSED and REBUILT IS200STTCH2A backed up with a warranty of 24 months. Our team of experts is available round the clock to support your IS200STTCH2A needs.
  • Our sales team at WOC is happy to assist you with any of your automation requirements. Please contact our staff by phone or email for pricing and availability on any parts and repairs.


What is the best way to attach a DIN rail to a panel?

To install it on the DIN rail, simply insert the bottom of the clip into the rail's bottom channel and gently press in and up until it clicks into place. The DIN rail clips are installed directly to the chassis on other systems, such as the CL200.

Why is it necessary to connect thermocouples using specific wire?

The difference between two metals at different temperatures is used to generate a voltage that is reflective of the temperature in thermocouples.

Is it possible to extend a thermocouple with copper wire?

Copper wire should never be used to connect thermocouples to instruments; only thermocouple extension wire should be used.