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Part No.: IS200STCIH2A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)
Product Type: Terminal Board
Series: Mark VI

IS200STCIH2A is a Simplex Contact Input terminal board developed by GE under Mark VI series. The Simplex Contact Input terminal board is a small contact input terminal board designed for DIN-rail or flat mounting. The board accepts 24 contact inputs with nominal 24, 48, and 125 V dc excitation from an external source. The contact inputs have noise suppression to protect against surge and high-frequency noise. The PAIC I/O Pack is compatible with the module. The I/O pack plugs into the D-type connector and communicates with the controller via Ethernet. Only simplex systems are supported.

IS200STCIH2A Installation

  • The STCI, along with a plastic insulator, is mounted on a sheet metal carrier, which is then mounted on a DIN rail.
  • The STCI plus insulator can be mounted on a sheet metal assembly, which is then bolted into a cabinet. The contact inputs are typically wired directly to the terminal block using #18 AWG wires.
  • Shields should be terminated on a separate bracket. STCIH2 has a right-angle header that accepts a variety of commercially available pluggable terminal blocks, totaling 52 terminals.


  • The function and on-board signal conditioning are the same as on TBCI, but they are scaled for 24, 48, and 125 V dc excitation. The input excitation ranges are 16 to 32 V dc, 32 to 64 V dc, and 100 to 145 V dc, respectively. The threshold voltage is 50% of the excitation voltage. The figure shows the contact sensing circuits. Contact input currents are limited to 2.5 mA on the first 21 circuits and 10 mA on circuits 22 through 24.
  • The 24 V dc power supply is current limited to 0.5 A by resetting polymer positive temperature coefficient fuses. Filters reduce high-frequency noise and suppress surge on each input near the point of signal entry. The discrete input voltage signals are routed to the I/O processor, which converts them to digital signals and sends them to the controller.

IS200STCIH2A Characteristics

  • E1 and E2 are the labels on the terminal ring on either side of the terminal board.
  • A single 37-pin (female) D-type connector and a single three-position female plug are opposite the terminal strip on the board.
  • On the board's short edges, two round apertures are cut into the board, one opposite the other. There are also over 80 resistors, capacitors, diodes, and a single integrated circuit on the board.

Product Attributes

  • The number of available channels - 24 dry contact voltage input channels.
  • Nominal excitation voltage of 24 V dc, floating, ranging from 18.5 to 32 V dc (Pluggable TB)
  • Current input - For applications requiring 24 V dc: The first 21 circuits draw 2.5 mA, while the last three draw 10 mA.
  • Hardware filter for input, 4 ms
  • I/O board fault detection - Excitation voltage loss at the contact input, Contact input that does not respond in test mode

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IS200STCIH2A?
IS200STCIH2A is a Terminal Board developed by GE under Mark VI series.

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