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Part No.: IS200SSCAH2A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Terminal Board
Series: Mark VI

IS200SSCAH2A is a Terminal Board under the Mark VI series. The Mark VI is a gas or steam turbine management system from GE's Speedtronic range.

  • IS200SSCAH2A is a small board with only a few components and a single terminal block to populate it.
  • This terminal block includes 48 screw connects, divided into two lines of 24, for securing and/or terminating wire connections.
  • Two terminal connectors made from drilled holes in the board surface bracket it.
  • A single 37-pin cable connector called JA1 is located next to a single integrated circuit on the opposite side of the board.
  • There are 18 jumper switches on the board, as well as resistors and capacitors in lines running down the center.
  • The ground is controlled by one line of jumpers, while termination is controlled by the other two lines.
  • The jumper positions are shown on the board, which also features two bigger round slots cut into the surface for optimal attachment.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IS200SSCAH2A?
The IS200SSCAH2A is a Terminal Board card developed under the Mark VI system.

How many jumper switches are there on IS200SSCAH2A?
There are 18 jumper switches on the PCB.

How to Obtain IS200SSCAH2A?
WOC provides IS200SSCAH2A as well as other turbine control products. Contact World of Controls.