IS200SPROH1ADD - Backup Protection Terminal Board

IS200SPROH1ADD - Backup Protection Terminal Board IS200SPROH1ADD - Backup Protection Terminal Board

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Part No.: IS200SPROH1ADD
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States of America (USA)
Temperature Operating: -30 to 65 o C
Product Type: Backup Protection Terminal Board
Availability: In Stock
Series: Mark VIe

Functional Description

IS200SPROH1ADD is an Backup Protection Terminal Board developed by GE. It is a part of Mark VIe excitation system. The terminal board, integrated with a PPRO I/O pack, serves as a critical component within the backup protection system of the Mark VIe system. The terminal board hosts a I/O pack, which is responsible for conditioning speed signal inputs for the PPRO (Programmable Protective Relay Output) and facilitating communication between the SPRO terminal board and the PPRO. This integration ensures seamless coordination and compatibility between the components of the backup protection system.


  • Potential Transformers (PTs): The SPRO terminal board also includes a pair of potential transformers (PTs), dedicated to bus and generator voltage input. These PTs play a crucial role in accurately measuring voltage levels, providing essential data for monitoring and protective functions within the backup protection system.
  • Connector for Backup Trip Relay Terminal Board: Adjacent to the PPRO pack connector, the terminal board features a DC-37 pin connector. This connector accepts a cable leading to a Mark VIe backup trip relay terminal board, enabling communication and coordination between the backup protection system and the main control system.
  • SPROH1A and SPROH2A Variants: SPROH1A features 24 barrier terminals arranged in a pluggable block configuration, offering ease of installation and maintenance.
    SPROH2A features 24 pluggable Euro-style box terminals, providing a compact and versatile terminal interface for connection to external devices and systems.

Backup Protection System Configuration

  • The terminal board, in conjunction with the PPRO and cabling, forms an integral part of the backup protection system within the Mark VIe system.
  • Together with primary protection components such as PTUR (Unit Protection Relay), TTUR (Transformer Protection Relay), and primary trip relay terminal boards, the backup protection system ensures comprehensive and redundant protection for critical assets.


  • Mounting Options:
    • The terminal board, along with a plastic insulator, is typically mounted on a sheet metal carrier, which in turn is attached to a DIN-rail. This method offers a convenient and standardized mounting solution.
    • Alternatively, the SPRO terminal board and insulator can be mounted on a sheet metal assembly, which is directly bolted into a panel. This method provides a more permanent and robust mounting option, suitable for specific installation requirements.
  • Wiring Connections:
    • Speed signals and PT inputs are wired directly to the terminal block using typical #18 AWG wires. This wiring connects the input signals from the generator or system
    • components to the SPRO terminal board, facilitating signal conditioning and processing.
    • The SPROH1A variant features a barrier terminal block, which can be removed for board replacement. This allows for easy access and maintenance, simplifying the replacement process in case of board failure or upgrades.
    • On the other hand, the SPROH2A variant utilizes a Euro-Block type terminal block, where terminals can be removed for board replacement. This design offers flexibility and ease of maintenance, ensuring efficient replacement procedures without requiring specialized tools or equipment.
  • Secure Mounting and Accessibility:
    • Regardless of the mounting option chosen, it is essential to ensure that the SPRO terminal board is securely fastened to prevent movement or damage during operation.
    • Adequate mounting also facilitates proper alignment of wiring connections and ensures optimal performance.
    • Additionally, accessibility to the terminal block terminals should be considered during installation to facilitate wiring and maintenance tasks. Proper labeling of connections can also aid in troubleshooting and maintenance efforts, ensuring efficient operation over the system's lifespan.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IS200SPROH1ADD?
It is an Backup Protection Terminal Board developed by GE under the Mark VIe series.

What are the mounting options available for the terminal board?
The terminal board can be mounted on a sheet metal carrier attached to a DIN-rail or on a sheet metal assembly bolted directly into a panel. These options provide flexibility to accommodate different installation requirements.

What types of wires are used for connecting speed signals and PT inputs?
Speed signals and PT inputs are typically wired using 18 AWG wires, ensuring proper signal transmission and compatibility with the terminal block connections.

How do labeling connections aid in installation and maintenance?
Labeling connections on the terminal block facilitates easy identification of wiring connections, simplifying installation and maintenance tasks. Clear labeling helps technicians locate specific connections quickly, reducing downtime during troubleshooting or maintenance procedures.