IS200SPROH1AAA - Backup Protection Terminal Board

IS200SPROH1AAA - Backup Protection Terminal Board IS200SPROH1AAA - Backup Protection Terminal Board

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Part Number: IS200SPROH1AAA
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Series: Mark VIe
Manual: GEI-100462
Magnetic speed pickup pulse rate range: 2Hz to 20,000Hz
Magnetic speed pickup sensitivity: 27 mV pk
Size: 15.9 cm high x 17.8 cm wide
Technology: Surface-mount
Temperature Operating: -30 to 65 oC
Function: Backup Protection Terminal Board

Functional Description

IS200SPROH1AAA is a Backup Protection Terminal Board developed by GE. It is a part of Mark VIe turbine Control System. The terminal board serves as the host for a PPRO I/O pack, playing a crucial role in conditioning speed signal inputs and managing voltage inputs for the PPRO. The primary function of the terminal board is to host a I/O pack. This pack interfaces with the PPRO system, facilitating the input and output of signals necessary for protective relay operations. By hosting the PPRO I/O pack, the board acts as a bridge between external signals and the PPRO system, enabling seamless communication and control.


  • Speed Signal Conditioning: The board is responsible for conditioning speed signal inputs, ensuring accurate and reliable speed measurement for the PPRO system. By processing and filtering speed signals, the board enhances the precision and responsiveness of protective relay functions, safeguarding the integrity of the power generation system.
  • Potential Transformers (PTs) for Voltage Input: In addition to speed signal conditioning, the terminal board integrates a pair of potential transformers (PTs). These PTs are utilized to measure bus and generator voltage inputs, providing critical voltage data to the PPRO system for monitoring and protection purposes. The accurate measurement of voltage inputs enhances the system's ability to detect and respond to voltage-related anomalies effectively.
  • Backup Trip Relay Terminal Board Connection: Adjacent to the PPRO pack connector, the terminal board features a DC-37 pin connector. This connector serves as an interface for a cable leading to a Mark VIe backup trip relay terminal board. By establishing this connection, the SPRO board facilitates communication between the PPRO system and the backup trip relay terminal board, ensuring redundancy and reliability in protective relay operations.


  • Mounting Options: The board, along with a plastic insulator, mounts on a sheet metal carrier, which is then secured onto a DIN-rail. Alternatively, there's an option for mounting and insulator directly onto a sheet metal assembly, which can be bolted directly onto a panel. These mounting options offer flexibility to accommodate different installation environments and requirements.
  • Wiring Connections: Speed signals and potential transformer (PT) inputs are connected directly to the terminal block on the SPRO board using typical 18 AWG wires. This direct wiring ensures secure connections and reliable signal transmission between external devices and the SPRO terminal board.
  • Terminal Block Accessibility: The barrier terminal block, which interfaces with the wiring for speed signals and PT inputs, is designed to be removable for easy board replacement. Similarly, the SPROH2A Euro-Block type terminal block features removable terminals, further facilitating board replacement and maintenance tasks.
  • Mounting of PPRO I/O Pack: The I/O pack, which interfaces with the PPRO system, mounts directly onto connector JA1 of the SPRO terminal board. This connection establishes communication between the I/O pack and the SPRO board, enabling the exchange of signals and data necessary for protective relay operations.
  • Connection with Backup Trip Relay Terminal Board: A DC-37 pin conductor cable is plugged into connector JA3 of the terminal board. This cable serves as a connection point between the board and a Mark VIe backup trip relay terminal board, enhancing redundancy and reliability in protective relay operations.


  • PT Inputs and Speed Signals: The terminal board receives inputs from potential transformers (PTs) on terminals 1-4. These inputs provide voltage data from the bus and generator, essential for monitoring and protection purposes. Additionally, three speed inputs are received on terminals 19-24. These inputs measure the rotational speed of various components within the system, providing valuable feedback for operational control and monitoring.
  • Reserved Terminals for Future Expansion: Terminals 7-15 on the board are reserved for future control feature expansion. These terminals are designed to accommodate additional functionalities or inputs that may be required in future system upgrades or expansions. These reserved terminals are routed to the JA1 PPRO connector, enabling seamless integration with the PPRO system and allowing for easy expansion of control capabilities when needed.
  • Unused Terminals: Terminals 5-6 and 16-18 on the terminal board do not have any board connection. These terminals are currently unused and remain available for potential future use or expansion. While not actively connected to any components or systems, these terminals provide additional flexibility for accommodating future requirements or configurations.
  • Connectors for PPRO and Trip Terminal Board: The JA1 connector on the terminal board serves as the connection point for the PPRO system. It allows for direct communication and data exchange between the SPRO board and the PPRO system, facilitating protective relay operations and control. The JA3 connector provides a location for connecting the trip terminal board cable. This cable establishes a connection between the board and a trip terminal board, enhancing redundancy and reliability in protective relay operations.

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What is IS200SPROH1AAA?
It is a Backup Protection Terminal Board developed by GE under Mark VI turbine Control System.

What is the purpose of the electronic ID parts on the board and backup trip relay terminal board?
The electronic ID parts serve as unique identifiers that are read during power initialization. This information is utilized by the system to verify the presence of a valid hardware arrangement before commencing normal operation.

How are the electronic ID parts utilized by the system?
The electronic ID parts provide essential information about the hardware configuration of the system. The system reads this information during initialization to ensure that the correct components are present and properly configured before initiating normal operation.

Why is it important for the system to confirm a valid hardware arrangement?
Confirming a valid hardware arrangement is crucial for ensuring the reliability and safety of protective relay operations. By verifying the presence and configuration of essential components such as the board and backup trip relay terminal board, the system can mitigate the risk of errors or malfunctions during operation.