IS200JPDFG1A - Power Distribution Board

IS200JPDFG1A - Power Distribution Board IS200JPDFG1A - Power Distribution Board

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Part No.: IS200JPDFG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)
Product Type: DC Power Distribution Module
Series: Mark VIe

IS200JPDFG1A is a Power Distribution Board developed by GE. The JPDF board accepts redundant 125 V dc power inputs and distributes power to other system boards. JPDF operates on a floating dc bus centered on Earth rather than a grounded system. This detects system ground faults and has a non-hazardous live 125 V dc rating.

IS200JPDFG1A Features

  • Input 125 V dc battery power is connected to a terminal board on the module. Before being connected to the board via the J1 connector, the power is routed through a 125 V dc 30 A circuit breaker and line filter.
  • The alternating current voltage is then routed to three fused non-switched outputs and six fused switched outputs. The alternating current power is routed through the board to the DACA modules, where it is converted to direct current power.
  • DC power is returned to JPDF and combined with the battery power input. JPDF can operate with any combination of one or more active inputs, resulting in a high-reliability 125 V dc power source for the control system.
  • The JPDF module provides full status feedback via a PPDA I/O pack connection. Feedback includes detection of bus magnitude, ground faults, and excessive ac voltage on the dc bus. Each fused branch circuit is checked for the presence of output power.


  • The module is vertically mounted on a metal back base in a PDM cabinet. The JPDF sheet metal must be connected to the system's protective earth (PE).
  • Terminals DCHI and DCLO receive input battery power. Ac power is applied to JAF1 when one or two DACA modules are used, typically from a JPDB module. JZ2 and JZ3 connectors connect DACA modules to JPDF. The system's output circuits are connected as documented.
  • A 50-pin ribbon cable from JPDF connector P1 to the P2 connector on the board containing PPDA is required for a power distribution system with a PPDA power diagnostic I/O pack. Using the P2 connector, this connection can be extended to other core PDM boards.

Ground Fault Detection

  • The module supports the use of a dc bus with a high resistance that is centered on ground potential. This configuration detects a ground fault when the positive or negative bus voltages reach ground potential. It includes separate voltage feedback sensing for positive and negative power with respect to ground to support this arrangement.
  • When the feedback is connected to a PPDA I/O pack, the system detects ground faults. The resistance used to center the dc bus on ground determines the sensitivity of ground detection and the ground fault currents that can flow.
  • It has centering resistors chosen by jumper JP1. If centering resistance is provided elsewhere, the JPDF jumper should be left open. JPDF is then designed to introduce the least amount of centering resistance into the system. JP1 should be closed if JPDF is providing the centering function. Only one JPDF module should have a closed JP1 jumper if two are used.


  • Terminals DCHI and DCLO are powered by a dc battery. It then passes through a 30 amp dc circuit breaker and into a filter assembly located beneath the IS200JPDF circuit board. The filtered output is then routed to the JPDF circuit board via a series diode.
  • The JAF1 connector receives alternating current power. The 115/230 V alternating current is routed to two connectors, JZ2 and JZ3, and then out to two DACA modules. The DACA modules convert alternating current to direct current (125 V dc).
  • DC power returns to JPDF via the same JZ2 and JZ3 connectors, where it is combined with battery power if present.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IS200JPDFG1A?
IS200JPDFG1A is a Power Distribution Board developed by GE.

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