IS200JPDBG1A - AC Module Power Supply Board

IS200JPDBG1A - AC Module Power Supply Board IS200JPDBG1A - AC Module Power Supply Board

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Part No.: IS200JPDBG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Power Distribution Board
Series: Mark VI

The IS200JPDBG1A is a board component for the Mark VI system made by GE. The Mark VI is one of the final models in General Electric's Speedtronic series of gas and steam turbine controllers. The Mark VI meets or surpasses EN50178 for elevation, IEC 529 for dust pollutants, and EN50178 for humidity. The Mark VI can be utilized in non-condensing humidity levels ranging from 5% to 95%.

  • The IS2020JPDB AC module includes the IS200JPDBG1A. The IS200JPDBG1A board provides power to this module.
  • The circuit board outputs 28 VDC control power supplies in bulk. All fused circuits have passive monitoring circuits for status feedback and ac magnitudes on this board.
  • The board's ribbon cable connectors are utilized for both monitoring circuits and monitoring signal pass-through. There are two ribbon cable connectors on the PCB.
  • Six on/off toggle switches are included in the IS200JPDBG1A. Six of the board's eight fuses correspond to the switches stated before.
  • There are ten plug connections on the board. Eight 3-position plugs, six called JAC1 through JAC6, a 5-position plug labeled AC to JPDF, and a 9-position connector labeled AC Input is included.
  • TP test points, resistors, transistors, capacitors, and conduction sensors are among the other components found on the IS200JPDBG1A.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IS200JPDBG1A?
IS200JPDBG1A is a Power Distribution board under the GE Mark VI.

How many ribbon cable connectors does IS200JPDBG1A have?
IS200JPDBG1A possesses two ribbon cable connectors.

How to obtain IS200JPDBG1A?
Contact WOC. World of Controls provides IS200JPDBG1A boards and other turbine control components. WOC supply worldwide.