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Part No.: IS200GDDDG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: PCB
Series: Mark VI

IS200GDDDG1A is a PCB component under the Mark VI series developed by GE. General Electric distributed the Mark VI, a third-generation gas/steam industrial turbine management system.
It was built with the option of being configured as a TMR (triple modular redundancy) or Simplex system. The Mark VI's versatility enables it to be utilized for a variety of industrial turbines of various sizes.

  • The IS200GDDDG1A is a circuit board with a lot of components. As a Gate Driver/Dynamic Discharge board, it's employed. The board is in charge of controlling IGBT gating for Dynamic Discharge control as well as bridge output.
  • The board is used to shunt heat sink temperature feedbacks and isolate and scale DC output and link voltage. Two trim potentiometers, RV1, and RV2, are included in the IS200GDDDG1A.
  • There are six resistor network arrays in all. JP1-JP3 are three jumper switches on the PCB.
  • In addition, extra information regarding these components is printed on the board's surface, along with a reminder to consult the instruction book for more information.
  • There are two male mating connections on the board, one with twenty pins and the other with forty pins. Eight header connectors, one voltage regulator, eight transistors, and three LED indicators to make up this board. The LEDs have the numbers DS100, DS101, and DS102 on them. There are additional diodes and more than thirty integrated circuits on the board.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IS200GDDDG1A?
IS200GDDDG1A is a PCB component under Mark VI developed by GE.

What is the function of IS200GDDDG1A?
IS200GDDDG1A is operated as a Dynamic Discharge/Gate Driver board.

How to Obtain IS200GDDDG1A?
WOC provides IS200GDDDG1A as well as other turbine control products. Contact World of Controls.