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IS200EROCH2A - Exciter Regulator Options Card

IS200EROCH2A - Exciter Regulator Options Card IS200EROCH2A - Exciter Regulator Options Card

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Part No: IS200EROCH2A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Exciter Regulator Options Card
Number of CPU Sockets: 1
Operating Mode: Simplex
D-Pin Connectors: 3
Series: EX2100
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 2.00 lbs
Dimensions: 19.00 x 12.50 x 3.50
Country of Origin: USA
Manual: GEI-100526A


IS200EROCH2A is an Exciter Regulator Options Card manufactured and designed by General Electric and is part of the EX2100 Series used in Excitation turbine control systems. In EX2100 regulator control systems (basic and redundant), support for the regulator functions is provided via the IS200EROCH A Exciter Regulator Options Card (EROC). The Exciter Regulator Backplane (ERBP) and Exciter Regulator Redundant Backplane both have a single slot for the EROC to mount in (ERRB). A board identification (ID) device that connects to the M1 or M2 control linked to the particular backplane slot is a component of the EROC. Barcode serial number, board type, and hardware revision are all included in the ID device. Upon application of power, a green LED on the EROC faceplate turns on. The EROC board is available in EROCH1 and EROCH2 versions or groups. In the parts that follow, the distinctions are explained.

The keypad interface, tool interface, third-party ground detectors, and terminal board power connection are among the features. Only duplicate programs, which are covered individually in this section, employ other EROC functionalities. These simple functions are displayed.


There is one on the backplane and one on the EROC faceplate (ERBP simplex and ERRB redundant). Both connectors receive keypad data transmission from the EROC. A single keypad can only be attached at once. The bezel-mounted keypad is supported by the keypad connections. The two spots are there to provide different mounting configurations for the EX2100 regulator control.


Through a 9-pin plug connector, the EROC faceplate connects an external computer to the IS200DSPX Digital Signal Processor Control board (DSPX). The tool connector utilizes RS-232C and supports M1/M2.


A GE ground detector or a ground detector from a different manufacturer can be connected to the ground detector connector. Both simplex and redundant applications can make use of either ground detector. To interact with the EROC, third-party ground detectors need to use an IS200ERGT Exciter Regulator Ground Detector Terminal Board (ERGT).


The ERBP backplane, the M1 EROC, and the M1 IS200EPSM Exciter Power Supply Module are used in this arrangement (EPSM).


The M2 EROC, M2 EPSM, and ERRB backplane are all utilized in this setup. The EROC in the redundant rack is connected with a 9-pin ground detector cable. The M1 EROC ground detector connector is unconnected.

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