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IS200EACFG1B - AC FE EX2100 Board

IS200EACFG1B - AC FE EX2100 Board IS200EACFG1B - AC FE EX2100 Board

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Part No.: IS200EACFG1B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Printed Circuit Board
Series: Mark VI Series
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

IS200EACFG1B is a GE AC FE EX2100 card developed by General Electrics. The PCB belongs to the Mark VI series and is a printed circuit board. Mark VI is one of several series of gas turbine controls in the Mark line. All parts of turbine operations are controlled by the Mark series, which also provides troubleshooting and safety for both operators and equipment. The IS200EACFG1B is a slim, long printed circuit board. A single black terminal block may be found at the PCB's lower-left corner. There are four small terminals in this terminal block. The initials TB4 are written on this component.

  • Along the left border of the PCB, there are three more components. These are little silver metal objects that resemble screws. TB1, TB2, and TB3 are the names of the other three devices.
  • There is a line of four places for components in the center of the board. These square spaces are named T1, T2, T3, and T4 and are square in shape. Square-shaped components known as transformers occupy two of the square spots. The transformers are predominantly black, with a red section on top. It has three tiny connector ports along the right edge.
  • The black connector ports are set on a small silver metal base. On the right half of the board, there is a slew of little gadgets. On the Card, more than forty tiny components are aligned. This series consists of solid yellow capacitors that alternate with yellow and red-banded resistors.

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Frequently Asked Questions on IS200EACFG1B


What is IS200EACFG1B?
IS200EACFG1B is a GE AC FE EX2100 card developed by General Electrics.

IS200EACFG1B contains how many transformers?
There are two transformers on the module.

Under which mark series does IS200EACFG1B belong?
It belongs to the Mark VI Speedtronic series.

What is PCB?
PCB, also known as the printed circuit board is a board that has lines and pads that adjoin various points.

Is IS200EACFG1B available at WOC?
Contact WOC sales team for more information regarding the availability and price details.

What is the country of origin for IS200EACFG1B?
The component was manufactured in United States.

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