DS200UDSAG1A - Display/Keyboard Interface Board

DS200UDSAG1A - Display/Keyboard Interface Board DS200UDSAG1A - Display/Keyboard Interface Board

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Part Number: DS200UDSAG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: EX2000
Product Type: Interface Board
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States of America (USA)
Manual: GEH - 6120B

DS200UDSAG1A is a Display/Keyboard Interface Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the EX2000. The interface for the display features a dot matrix display with two rows of 40 characters each and one row of 12 characters. There are a total of 48 keys on the two keypads. One keypad has 32 (2 sets of 16) programmable keys that can be backed by LED status indicators. The secondary keypad contains 16 keys that can be used for diagnostics, local mode operations, and numeric entry.

DS200UDSAG1A Hardware Components

The major hardware components for the USDA are:

  • A switching power supply with a minimum of 3 A at 5 V and a -24 V to 5 V range.
  • A central processor
  • Circuitry for RS-232C interface
  • Circuitry for the keypad scanning interface
  • Circuitry for the key status LED interface
  • Circuits for display driver
  • Important pulse-width modulated (PWM) dimmer circuits for LED and displays

DS200UDSAG1A Operation

  • The board receives and sends signals from other boards as well as a 40-pin connector that is used to populate the board. Other boards and gadgets in the drive typically send signals to the board.
  • The signals are processed by the microprocessor on the board, which employs the other components on the board to do so.
  • The 4-character screens and the 32 LEDs that populate the board offer information to the operator about the state of the board. When the signals have been processed, the new information is transferred to additional components and boards. It's crucial that all of the signals connect to the 40-pin connector.
  • The ribbon cable, on the other hand, is easily damaged due to the lack of support provided to the plastic connector on the ribbon cable's end. That is, removing the thin copper wires from the connector is simple. Never pull the ribbon cable out of the connector on the board to keep it intact. Instead, firmly hold the ribbon cable's plastic connector and slowly pull it out of the connector.

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What is DS200UDSAG1A?
DS200UDSAG1A is a Display/Keyboard Interface Board manufactured and designed by General Electric

What is an LCD Interface?
The flat panel display module and the multimedia processor communicate with one another through the LCD interface.

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