DS200UCIAG2A - UC2000 Motherboard

DS200UCIAG2A - UC2000 Motherboard DS200UCIAG2A - UC2000 Motherboard

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Part Number: DS200UCIAG2A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Function: UC2000 Motherboard
Series: EX2000
Power Requirements: +32 V dc to 18 V dc
Operating temperature: 0 to +65°C
Weight: 2 lbs
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: USA
Manual: GEI-100198


DS200UCIAG2A is a UC2000 Motherboard manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the EX2000 Series used in GE Excitation turbine control systems. The main printed circuit board in the Innovation Series controller is called the UCIA. It has connectors that allow other boards, including the UCPB and IC660ELB912G (GENI), to be mounted. One jumper, JP1, which is solely used for manufacturing tests, is included on the UCIA board. When the process specifies, test points TP1 and TP2 are used for diagnostics. LEDs chosen by the process software make up DN1. The fan on the UCPB board is powered by 5 V through the fan connector (P14).

It is used to supply the connectors necessary for attaching the UCPB CPU daughter board, the PANA ARCNET no-LAN driver board, up to two GENI boards, and a PDAD hard drive. It is situated on the R core of the EX2000 excitation control system. The fuel skid pressure signals are translated using an onboard 196 microprocessor, which is subsequently utilized to send and write the signals to the UCPB board. The control sequence software then applies these signals. It has numerous vertical and right-angled connectors, a lot of integrated circuits embedded into the board, resistor network arrays, jumper switches, capacitors, and resistors.

Fig 1: UCIA Board Layout


  • Check that all power to the unit is off.
  • Open the door of the unit by loosening the top middle thumb screw on the outside of the door. The UCIA is held in place by plastic snaps (holders)
  • Before removing the UCIA/UCPB assembly from the holder, remove the μGENI daughterboard(s) connected to the UCIA Disconnect all connectors involved
  • Push the top of the UCLA board to release it. Carefully lift the assembly out from the bottom snaps.
  • Install the new assembly by lining up the boards with the six plastic standoffs attached to the unit. Then, carefully seat both ends into the holder and snap it into place.
  • If the daughterboard(s) were removed, replace and reconnect all cables, ensuring that they are properly seated at both ends.

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What Core does the component belong to?

It is one of six boards in the R core and is located in the R core, sometimes known as the Control Engine core.

How are the boards mounted?

It is the motherboard where the UCPB, PANA, and uGENI boards are mounted.

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