DS200TCSAG1A - Fuel Skid Interface Board

DS200TCSAG1A - Fuel Skid Interface Board DS200TCSAG1A - Fuel Skid Interface Board

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Part Number: DS200TCSAG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V LM
Product Type: Interface Board
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Availability: In Stock
Manual: GEH-6153

DS200TCSAG1A is a Fuel Skid Interface Board manufactured by General Electric as part of the Mark V Series used in gas turbine control systems. TCSA includes decoders for serial communication for Dry Low Emissions (DLE) applications between the XDSA board on the fuel skid and the UCIB. For applications requiring dry low emissions (DLE), the Fuel Skid Interface Board (TCSA) in the R core communicates with the XDSA board on the fuel skid. The 196 processor on the UCIB board receives the signals from the high-resolution pressure transducers through the TCSA board. In the eighth slot of the "R2" core, the signals from XDSA are connected to the TBSA terminal board. The P3 connector is used by the TCSA board to read them.


2PL: The TCPS board's power supply in R.

GND - Ground from the chassis to the 1TB terminal board in R.
Inputs pressure signals from the TBSA, which interacts with the XDSA board on the gasoline skid, and supplies 12 V dc power to the TBSA.

P4 - Supplies TBSA with 12 V dc power so that it can connect to the FMVED motor controller (s).

SER - Writes pressure transducer signals that have been decoded to the UCIB board.


The TCSA board does not have any software or hardware jumper settings.


The XDSA board on the gasoline skid reads signals from the pressure transducers and passes them to the TCSA board. The TBSA terminal board receives the signals from the XDSA board and sends them to the TCSA board through the P3 connector. The RS422 protocol signals are decoded by the TCSA board, which then writes them to the UCIB board for processing by the 196 processor. The pressure transducers and FMVED motor controllers are both powered by the TCSA board.

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