DS200TCQFG1A - TC2000 Analog I/O Extender Board

DS200TCQFG1A - TC2000 Analog I/O Extender Board DS200TCQFG1A - TC2000 Analog I/O Extender Board

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Part Number: DS200TCQFG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Product Type: TC2000 Analog I/O Extension Card
Country of Origin: USA
Availability: In Stock

DS200TCQFG1A is a TC2000 Analog I/O Extender Board manufactured by General Electric as part of the Mark V series used in gas turbine control systems. Seven jumpers and two 50-pin connectors are present on it. A 9-pin connector and a 34-pin connector are also included. The 34-pin connector has the ID JA given to it. The 50-pin connectors have the IDs JUU and JB allocated to them. Electronic relays are used by the GE TC2000 Analog I/O Extender Board to turn circuits on and off during routine processing. The relays are present on the board and have wire leads soldered to them. Additionally, there are 6 LEDs on the board, which are positioned horizontally. When the board is mounted in the board cabinet inside the drive, the operator can see them. When illuminated, the LEDs are green and function as expected. In other words, when the LEDs are lighted, it means that the function they stand for is getting power and functioning normally.

The board's six LEDs are connected to various circuits and functions. The LEDs flashing means that regular processing is happening. This gives the operator a simple way to assess the board's condition while the drive is running. A programmable logic device that performs a processing function required for the TC2000 Analog I/O Extender Board's proper operation is installed on the board. The erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM) module installed on the board is used by the programmable logic to store firmware and programming code. WOC has the largest stock of Speedtronic Mark V control spares. We can repair your faulty boards. WORLD OF CONTROLS can also supply unused and rebuilt backed up with a warranty. Our team of experts is available round the clock to support your OEM needs. Our team of experts at WOC is happy to assist you with any of your automation requirements. For pricing and availability on any parts and repairs, kindly get in touch with our team by phone or email.




What is DS200TCQFG1A?

DS200TCQFG1A is a Mark V Processor Card created by developed by GE.

What are the IDs assigned to the connectors in DS200TCQFG1A?

The 34-pin connector has the ID JA given to it. JUU and JB are the IDs allocated to the 50-pin connectors.

How to obtain DS200TCQFG1A?

WOC can help with DS200TCQFG1A boards and other turbine control needs. Contact WOC today.