DS200TCQBG1B - RST Extended Analog I/O Board

DS200TCQBG1B - RST Extended Analog I/O Board DS200TCQBG1B - RST Extended Analog I/O Board

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Part Number: DS200TCQBG1B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Product Type: Analog I/O Board
Product of Origin: United States(USA)
Availability: In Stock
Manual: GEH-6195F

DS200TCQBG1B is an RST Extended Analog I/O Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the Mark V Series used in gas turbine control systems. The TCQB multifunction card is located in the R, S, and T cores in location 3. For Simplex applications, only one card is required for the R core. It is an optional card used for extended I/O functions.

DS200TCQBG1B Functional Description

The Card is used on steam Simplex and some TMR applications when proximitors are required. There are hardware jumpers on the TCQB card which must be put in the proper position for inputs 1, 2, & 3, depending on whether proximity transducers or accelerometers are connected to the inputs. The Mark V is capable of both exciting accelerometer vibration sensors and scaling accelerometer feedback signals. The first three proximity transducers/accelerometer input points to the TCQB I/O card ( PRX01, PRX02, PRX03 ) can be used as accelerometer inputs ( this involves setting I/O configuration constants and positioning hardware jumpers on the TCQB card to accept accelerometer inputs rather than proximity transducer inputs. The TCQB configuration defines the following functions.

  • Proximitor Inputs
  • LVDT/LVDR Inputs
  • Two Regulator Milliamp Outputs
  • LM Vibration Inputs

DS200TCQBG1B Features

  • The component includes one OK LED, one 50-pin connector, and 15 jumpers.
  • A replacement GE RST Extended Analog I/O Board doesn't come with any erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM) modules when you order it. The firmware and programs used by the logic device to process information are stored in the EPROM modules.
  • EPROM modules, however, are simple to take out of the old board and put on the new board. The module can be removed from the socket with a flat-blade screwdriver. While removing the modules, take care not to bump into or scratch other parts of the board. Prior to use, keep the modules in a secure location. When handling the modules or working on the board, always use a wrist strap.
  • The information on the modules can be harmed by static because they are sensitive to it. Put the modules in a static-protective bag after you've removed them.
  • Before removing the modules, touch the bag to the drive's outside for enhanced security. This makes it possible for the static to locate the drive's grounded metal surface and escape from you and the modules.


  • Align the EPROM module with the socket while installing the modules on the new board, then press firmly down to secure it. Examine the socket's and the module's physical connection. There should be no separation between them.
  • Make sure that the replacement board will operate in the same way as the old board by utilizing the same firmware and programming instructions.


  • Dimensions: 13.50 x 9.00 x 2.00
  • Weight: 1.80 lbs

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What is DS200TCQBG1B?
DS200TCQBG1B is an RST Extended Analog I/O Board manufactured and designed by General Electric.

What is the primary function of the board?
It is used to increase the memory, speed, bandwidth, or embedded applications of a computer system that already exists.

Which program is stored in EPROM?
EPROM stands for Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, and it is a data circuit that keeps its memory even after the power is turned off. EPROMs are used by security system makers to store the operating system as well as the program for the access control panel.

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