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DS200TCQBG1AFB - BOARD- (R-S-T) EXT ANALOG I is available in stock which ships the same day.

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Part No.: DS200TCQBG1AFB
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: RST Analog I/O board
Series: Mark V

DS200TCQBG1AFB is an RST Analog I/O board developed by General Electric under Mark V. The DS200TCQBG1AFB is a board with a lot of components. Each corner has been drilled to allow the board to be mounted within the rack system. The edges are marked to aid in alignment and location, and they bear the board id, the GE logo, and several codes to aid in proper wiring. Multiple resistor network arrays, resistors, FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays), and other integrated circuits, capacitors, diodes, and heat sinks are among the board components.

  • In addition, the DS200TCQBG1AFB board has a number of jumper pins. Rather than being confined to a single location, jumpers are distributed across the board's surface.
    These jumpers allow circuits on the board to be configured individually.
  • For information on jumper pin settings, consult the relevant manuals. It is best to duplicate the pin settings from your previous board when replacing any board in your system.
  • The card also includes several vertical pin connectors and plug connectors. The majority of these are located along the bottom board edge and are used to connect the board to the drive via ribbon cables. Because ribbon cables are easily damaged when mishandled, hold the cable only by the connector when disconnecting it from the board, and carefully align it during reconnection.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS200TCQBG1AFB?
DS200TCQBG1AFB is an RST Analog Input-Output board developed by General Electric under Mark V.

How to Obtain DS200TCQBG1AFB?
World of Controls provides DS200TCQBG1AFB as well as other turbine control products. Contact WOC.