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DS200TCQAG2B - TC2000 RST ANALOG I/O is available in stock which ships the same day.

DS200TCQAG2B - TC2000 RST ANALOG I/O comes in UNUSED as well as REBUILT condition.

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Part No.: DS200TCQAG2B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Analog I/O Board
Series: Mark V Speedtronic

DS200TCQAG2B is an Analog I/O Board under the Mark V Speedtronic series. The Speedtronic Mark V Gas Turbine Control System is one of the most well-known Speedtronic Series derivatives. The Mark V system is built to meet all of your gas turbine control needs. The DS200 series includes part numbers for Mark V control boards and control cards.
The Mark V Turbine Regulate System uses digital microprocessors to control the Gas Turbine.
To improve the turbine control system's reliability, the Mark V Speedtronic Control system features software-implemented fault tolerance. Communications, Protection, Power Distribution, QD digital I/O Controls processors, and C digital I/O are the main components of the Mark V controls systems.

  • Four 34-pin connectors, two 40-pin connectors, and six jumpers are included on this GE RST Analog I/O Board.
  • A set of six integrated LED lights is also included on DS200TCQAG2B. This GE RST Analog I/O Board has jumpers that serve several roles on the board, so it's crucial to understand which ones you can adjust and how they'll affect the board's behavior. Some jumpers are used for quality control during the manufacturing process.
  • A specific jumper may be moved to test a circuit or function while being tested for flaws. The jumper is then returned before being transported.
  • The customer can use the other jumpers to customize the board for a specific function or behavior. In the literature that comes with the original board, the jumpers are documented.
  • When replacing the board, inspect the old board and set the jumpers on the replacement board one by one to match the old board's positions. The replacement board may be a later version of the original. When new versions are built with changes, you may notice that jumpers are relocated or eliminated from the newer version.
  • On the newer version, other components may be relocated or depopulated. There is documentation available that explains workarounds or why a jumper was removed from the board. Between versions of the same model board, reliability and compatibility are guaranteed. Product testing is carried out to ensure that the versions are compatible.

Because the DS200 series is no longer in production, we recommend keeping a minimum of two cards of each panel on hand. WOC stocks the most GE Speedtronic Mark V control spares, and we can repair your problematic DS200TCQAG2B. Unused and rebuilt cards are also available from WOC, with a warranty. Our team of professionals is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with your Mark V requirements. Contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions


On the DS200TCQAG2B, which input signals are scaled and conditioned?
The signals scaled and conditioned on the board are 4-20 mA input signals such as fuel flow pressure and compressor stall detect signals.

What is the purpose of jumper J7 on the DS200TCQAG2B?
The J7 jumper on the board is used for card tests on the RS-232 port.

What is the number of connectors on the DS200TCQAG2B?
There are eight connectors on the DS200TCQAG2B. 2PL and 3PL connectors are available on the board. Connectors JA, JB, JD, JE, JF, and JG are likewise available on the DS200TCQAG2B

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