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Part Number: DS200TCEAG1B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Function: Processor Card

DS200TCEAG1B is an Emergency Overspeed Board and is part of the GE Speedtronic Mark V gas turbine control systems. One microprocessor and much programmable read-only memory (PROM) modules are included in the General Electric Emergency Overspeed Board type DS200TCEAG1B. Three fuses, 30 jumpers, and a pair of bayonet connections are also included. The board keeps an eye on the drive for over-speed and flame detection trip conditions and shuts it down as needed.

  • The bayonet connectors are used to link the board to the rest of the drive's components and boards. Before connecting the male bayonet connectors on the end of the wires to the female bayonet connectors on the board, take some time to think about it.
  • To remove a bayonet connector, maintain one hand on the connector and the other on the board to prevent it from bending or sliding. Remove the bayonet connection from the board's female connector and set aside the cable until you're ready to connect it to the replacement board.
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What kind of microprocessor is used in the DS200TCEAG1B?

The microprocessor of the DS200TCEAG1B is an 80196.

What is the purpose of DS200TCEAG1B?

For DS200TCEAG1B, there are a series of berg jumpers that program DS200TCEAG1B to the place in the P > core where DS200TCEAG1B is located. You must also move the berg jumpers if you move DS200TCEAG1B.

What is the function of DS200TCEAG1B, aside from Overspeed?

The DS200TCEAG1B is in charge of processing the Overspeed signals, as well as the flame detection trip signals.

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