DS200TCDAG1A - Digital I/O Board

DS200TCDAG1A - Digital I/O Board DS200TCDAG1A - Digital I/O Board

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Part Number: DS200TCDAG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V LM
Product Type: Digital I/O Board
Availability: In Stock
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Repair: 3-7 Days
Manual: GEH-6153


DS200TCDAG1A is a Digital I/O Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the Mark V LM Series used in gas turbine control systems. The Digital IO Board (TCDA), is situated in the Q11, Q51, and Q21 digital I/O cores if any are present. The two TCRA boards' contact output (relay/solenoid) signals are processed by TCDA along with digital contact input signals from the DTBA and DTBB terminal boards. The TCQC board in R1, the CTBA terminal board in R5, and R2 if Q21 is installed all receive the signals via the IONET.

A serial communication network called the IO Network (IONET) links an IO Engine with any potential TCDA board. The TCDA boards in the digital cores (Q11, Q21, or Q51), in P1 all exchange data. The physical IONET connections, however, are made to the CTBA in R5 or the TCQC board in R1 and R2. The network only transmits data that is address-specific. Data is therefore routed to either the TCDA


JP - Distributes power from the TCPS board to the Q11, Q21, and Q51 cores, respectively, in the R1, R2, and R5 cores.

JQ - Connects to the DTBA board's JQR socket. transports the DTBA board's contact input signals to the TCDA board.

JR - Attaches to the DTBB board's JRR socket. is responsible for transporting the contact input signals from the DTBB board to the TCDA board.

JO1 - writes the relay/solenoid contact output signals to location 4 of the TCRA board. Not utilized in Q11 since TCQE in R1 directly controls the relays at location 4.

JO2 - writes the relay/solenoid contact output signals to location 5 of the TCRA board.


HARDWARE: The TCDA board has eight physical jumpers. For factory testing, use J1 and J8. Resistor IONET termination is for J2 and J3. The board's IONET ID is configured using J4, J5, and J6. Stall timer enable is J7. The hardware jumper settings for this board are described in Appendix A and on the operator interface's hardware jumper screen.

SOFTWARE: The I/O Configuration Editor on the HMI is where the I/O configuration constants for the contact input inversions are entered.


Through the JR and JQ connectors, the TCDA board receives contact inputs from the DTBA and DTBB terminal boards. The TCDA board's circuitry processes the signals, times any state changes, and sends the signals to the IONET through the JX1 (JX2) connector. Software is used to invert the contact signals using I/O configuration variables.

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What functions does the part have for the contact inputs?

The digital IO core conditions the contact inputs. The digital IO core terminates and conditions all digital inputs as well as touch inputs.

When the board is in an R control panel, what needs to be done?

A relay coil in an R control panel has to receive two energize signals in order to be turned on.

What connectors are there on DS200TCDAG1A?

Seven connectors are on the board. JP, JQ, JR, JO1, JO2, JX1, and JX2 are connectors.

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