DS200TCCBG8B - Common Extended Analog I/O Board

DS200TCCBG8B - Common Extended Analog I/O Board DS200TCCBG8B - Common Extended Analog I/O Board

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Part Number: DS200TCCBG8B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V LM
Product Type: Common Extended Analog I/O Board
Programmable EEPROMs: Qty 2
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: USA
Weight: 2lbs
Manual: GEH-6153


DS200TCCBG8B is a Common Extended Analog I/O Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the Mark V Series used in LM turbine control systems. The Common Extended Analog I/O Board (TCCB) scales and conditions additional analog I/O signals that are read from the TCEB board in the P1 core and the TBCB terminal board installed on the R5 core. These signals consist of the line current inputs, RTDs, generator and bus voltage inputs, and 420 mA/01 mA inputs. Through the 3PL connector, the STCA board gets the scaled and conditioned signals.


  • 2PL - Distributes power from the TCPS board in the core.
  • 3PL - The Data Bus between the STCA, TCCA, and TCCB boards in core .
  • Conditioned signals are carried on 3PL for transferring to the COREBUS.
  • JHH - Carries the 4-20 mA/0-1 mA input signals from the TBCB terminal board.
  • JII - Carries the RTD input signals from the TBCB terminal board.
  • JMP - Carries the potential and current transformer (PT and CT) signals from the TCEB board in the core.


HARDWARE: The Mark V LM's generator and bus voltage monitoring functions, as well as the line current monitoring function, are provided by the hardware jumpers J1, J2, J3, J4, and J5. The RS232 serial port is linked to DCOM through hardware jumper J14. J15 and J16 are hardware jumpers that are used for testing. For details on the hardware jumper settings for this board, consult Appendix A and the operator interface's hardware jumper screen.

SOFTWARE: I/O configuration constants are entered in the I/O Configuration Editor located on the HMI as explained below for the RTDs, mA inputs, generator, bus voltage, and line current settings.


The circuitry for the 4–20 mA and 0–1 mA input signals is provided by the TCCB board. The JHH connector is used to read the signals from the TBCB terminal board. The voltage drop is measured by the TCCB board and written to the I/O Engine via the 3PL connector as the transducer current is reduced across a burden resistor. The current range of the input signals is chosen using hardware jumpers on the TBCB terminal board.


The TCCB board scales and conditions the voltage signals from the generator, bus, and line, as well as the current signals from the line (PT and CT). The TCCB calculates the generator megawatt, power factor, and VARs utilized for power system monitoring using these signals, which are used to determine the phase currents and voltages. These signals are read from the PTBA terminal board, scaled in the P1 core of the TCEB board, and then written to the TCCB board using the JMP connector.

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Which are the Connectors on DS200TCCBG8B that are Rarely used?

The JKK, JTEST, and TCQPL connections are normally unused.

What is the function of the 2PL TCCB Connector on the board?

The TCPS card power distribution is the responsibility of this component.

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