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Part No. : DS200TCCBG1ANE

Manufacturer: General Electric

Series: Mark V

Product Type: Common Extended Analog I/O Board

One 80196 microprocessor and numerous PROM modules are included in the GE I/O TC2000 Analog Board DS200TCCBG1ANE. One LED and two 50-pin connectors are also included. From the side of the board, the LED is visible. JCC and JDD are the IDs for the 50-pin connectors. The LED serves as a visual indicator that the board is getting power and processing data. However, there are troubleshooting steps you may do to ensure the board is functioning properly. While the drive is turned off and the power is turned off, ensure all the cables are fully seated in the connectors. It's not uncommon for a cursory visual inspection to reveal that a cable's connection to the board is complete.

  • You may notice that not all of the connections are made, in which case gently pressing the cables along the length of the connector will guarantee that all of the signals are transmitted between the cable and the board connector.
  • The drive diagnostic tools, which provide a full report on all of the boards' operations, are another source of information. It also shows any warning or error messages that the drive has sent.
  • It also includes a list of any trip situations that will cause the drive to shut down automatically. If sensors detect that the drive is overheating, an over-temperature condition is reported, and the drive is shut down automatically.
  • The activity of the boards, as well as the motor and other moving parts of the drive, is detailed in the reports.
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What is the method by which the DS200TCCBG1ANE sends signals to the I/O engine?

Through the 3PL connector, the DS200TCCBG1ANE delivers signals to the I/O engine.


What circuitry is included in the DS200TCCBG1ANE?

The circuitry for 4-20 mA and 0-1 mA input signals are given by DS200TCCBG1ANE, as is the circuitry for stimulation of the RTDs from the TBCB terminal board on DS200TCCBG1ANE.


What signals do DS200TCCBG1ANE orders and conditions?

The PT and CT signals are scaled and conditioned by DS200TCCBG1ANE.


Where to Buy a Common Extended Analog I/O Board?

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