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DS200TCCAG2A - MKV, LST Analog I/O Card

DS200TCCAG2A	-	MKV, LST Analog I/O Card DS200TCCAG2A	-	MKV, LST Analog I/O Card

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Manufacturer : GE General Electric
Part No. : DS200TCCAG2A
Product Type : Analog I/O Board
Series : Mark V

One 80196 microprocessor and numerous PROM modules are included in the GE I/O TC2000 Analog Board DS200TCCAG2A. One LED and two 50-pin connectors are also included. From the side of the board, the LED is visible. JCC and JDD are the IDs for the 50-pin connectors. 5 34-pin connectors are also included on the GE I/O TC2000 Analog Board DS200TCCAG2A.

  • Ribbon cables link the 50-pin and 34-pin connections to the board. As there may be many 34-pin ribbon cables connecting to the new board, understanding where they link when the new board is placed is crucial. Mark the ribbon cables where they are linked on the old board with a marker or make labels for them to know where to join them. Use the connection IDs to determine where they should be connected.
  • Another factor to consider when disconnecting ribbon cables from the board is the right handling technique. Between the connector and the cable attached to ribbon cables, there is very little support.
  • If you pull the cable out of the connector on the board, the wires should come out easily. To circumvent this issue, only pull the ribbon wire out while holding the connector at the end. Pull it gently out of the board's connector.
  • The ribbon cable is made up of several individual strands of copper wire, which adds to the problem. It's hard to tell if the connections on a ribbon cable are intact without disassembling it.

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Frequently Asked Questions on DS200TCCAG2A

What channels does DS200TCCAG2A use to communicate?
The Common Data Processor (C >) is used by the DS200TCCAG2A to communicate.

What is the role of the CTBA card in the DS200TCCAG2A?
The operator interface or < I > processor is connected to the DS200TCCAG2A through the CTBA card.

What kind of microprocessor is in the DS200TCCAG2A?
The microprocessor of the DS200TCCAG2A is 80196.