DS200TCCAG2A - Common Analog I/O Board

DS200TCCAG2A - Common Analog I/O Board DS200TCCAG2A - Common Analog I/O Board

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Manufacturer : GE General Electric
Part No. : DS200TCCAG2A
Product Type : Analog I/O Board
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Availability: In Stock
Series : Mark V

DS200TCCAG2A is a�Common Analog I/O Board developed by GE. It is a part of mark V series. The Common Analog I/O Board (TCCA), which is housed in the R5 core, scales and conditions analog signals from the CTBA, TBQA, and TBCA terminal boards. 4-20 mA inputs and outputs, RTD inputs, thermocouple inputs, shaft voltage inputs, and shaft current inputs are among the signals available. The STCA board receives the signals via the 3PL connector.


  • 2PL - Power distribution from the TCPS board in the R5 core.
  • 3PL - The Data Bus in core R5 that connects the STCA, TCCA, and TCCB boards. Conditioned signals are transferred to the COREBUS via 3PL.
  • JAA - Transports 420 mA output signals to the CTBA terminal board.
  • JBB - Transports the CTBA terminal board's shaft voltage and current signals, as well as 4-20 mA input signals.
  • JCC - RTD input signals from the TBCA terminal board are carried by JCC.
  • JDD - RTD input signals from the TBCA terminal board are carried by this bus.
  • JAR/S/T - Transports thermocouple and cold junction input signals from the TBQA terminal board.
  • JC - Transports TCPS power supply diagnostic signals.
  • JEE - Not Typically used.

DS200TCCAG2A Configuration


On the TCCA board, there are three hardware jumpers: J1, JP2, and JP3. J1 is used to enable and deactivate the serial RS232 port. JP2 is used to turn off the oscillator during card testing. JP3 is used in the factory for testing. Appendix A contains information on how to configure the hardware jumpers on this board.


The I/O Configuration Editor on the HMI is used to enter I/O configuration constants for thermocouples, RTDs, mA inputs and outputs, and shaft voltage and current settings.

Thermocouple Circuit

  • The TBQA terminal board reads the thermocouple inputs. The cold junction circuitry on the TBQA terminal board generates the cold junction signals.
  • The TCCA board uses these values to calculate cold junction compensation. The thermocouple input and compensation value are used by the TCCA board to calculate the actual temperature read by the thermocouple. The value is read by the I/O Engine via the 3PL connector.
  • I/O configuration constants are used to select thermocouple types and curves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DS200TCCAG2A?
It is a Common Analog I/O Board developed by GE.

What channels does TCCA use to communicate?
The Common Data Processor (C ) is used to communicate.

What is the role of the CTBA card in TCCA?
The operator interface or I processor is connected to the TCCAG2A through the CTBA card.

What kind of microprocessor is in TCCA?
The microprocessor of the card is 80196.