DS200TCCAG1A - Common Analog I/O Board

DS200TCCAG1A - Common Analog I/O Board
DS200TCCAG1A - Common Analog I/O Board

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Part Number: DS200TCCAG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Product Type: Terminal Board
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Availability: In Stock
Manual: GEH-6153

DS200TCCAG1A is a Common Analog I/O Board manufactured by General Electric as part of the Mark V Series used in gas turbine control systems. The CTBA, TBQA, and TBCA terminal boards installed in the "R5" core send analog signals to the Common Analog I/O Board (TCCA), which is housed there. 420 mA inputs and outputs, RTD inputs, thermocouple inputs, shaft voltage inputs, and shaft current inputs are some of the signals that make up this group. Through the 3PL connector, the signals are written to the STCA board.


  • 2PL - Power distribution from the TCPS board in the R5 core.
  • 3PL - The Data Bus between the TCCA, STCA, and core 5 TCCB boards. Conditioned signals are carried on 3PL for transferring to the COREBUS.
  • JAA - Possesses the 4-20 mA output signals to the CTBA terminal board.
  • JBB - Possesses the shaft voltage and current signals and 4-20 mA input signals from the CTBA terminal board.
  • JCC - Possesses RTD input signals from the TBCA terminal board.
  • JDD - Possesses RTD input signals from the TBCA terminal board.
  • JAR/S/T - Possesses Thermocouple input signals and cold junction inputs from the TBQA terminal board.
  • JC - Possesses Power supply diagnostic signals from TCPS.
  • JEE - It is not used


Hardware: On the TCCA board, there are three hardware jumpers labeled J1, JP2, and JP3. The serial RS232 port can be enabled or disabled using J1. For card testing, the oscillator is turned off using JP2. For factory testing, JP3 is utilized. Information on the hardware jumper settings for this board may be found in Appendix A.

Software: The I/O Configuration Editor, which is located on the HMI, is where the I/O configuration constants for the thermocouples, RTDs, mA inputs and outputs, and the shaft voltage and current settings are entered.

TCCA 4 - 20 mA Input Circuit:

The circuitry for the 420 mA input signals is provided by the TCCA board. The JBB connector is used to read the signals from the CTBA terminal board. The voltage drop across the burden resistor caused by the transducer current is measured by the TCCA board and written to the I/O Engine via the 3PL connector.

TCCA 4-20 mA Output Circuit:

Using the JAA connector, the TCCA board's circuitry drives 420 mA outputs to the CTBA terminal board. Typically, these signals are utilized to power remote instruments for monitoring.


On the TCCA board is the circuitry for the TBCA terminal board, which provides stimulation to the RTDs. The RTD is supplied with a constant current, and as the temperature varies, the resistance changes, causing the voltage on the RTD to change. The voltage signal is calibrated, measured, and scaled by the TCCA board. By way of the JCC and JDD connectors, the TCCA board reads the RTD signals from the TBCA terminal board. The 3PL connector is used to transmit the signals from the TCCA board to the I/O Engine. I/O configuration constants are used to select the RTD type.


The TBQA terminal board reads the thermocouple inputs. The cold junction circuitry on the TBQA terminal board produces the cold junction signals. The TCCA board computes the cold junction compensation using these variables. The actual temperature read by the thermocouple is determined by the TCCA board using the thermocouple input and compensation value. Via the 3PL connector, the I/O Engine reads the value. I/O configuration constants are used to select the types and curves of thermocouples.


The TCCA board manages the voltage and current monitoring for the turbine shaft. Through the JBB connector, these signals are read from the CTBA terminal board. The 3PL connector is used to write the signals to the I/O Engine.

The R5 core location 2 houses the TCCA board. The Turbine Control R5> Micro Application Board A is what it is called. The following operations are defined by the TCCA configuration:

  • RTD inputs and thermocouple inputs
  • Inputs in milliamps
  • Monitoring shaft voltage and current


  • When the drive is fitted, the environment for proper cooling is created. The drive must be mounted in a clean, cool environment that is free of dust and grime. If the drive is mounted on a wall, heat-generating equipment cannot be installed on the other side of the wall. Fans may be required in some areas to provide proper airflow. If that's the case, double-check that the fans are in functioning order.
  • Make sure the drive is put in a location where there is enough space on all sides for air to circulate freely. The drive is set up so that air enters at the bottom and exits at the top as warm air. As it passes over the hot components, it heats up. Air travels over the components because of the cable routing. Ensures that cable bundles do not obstruct air movement or block air vents.

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What is GE Mark V DS200TCCAG1A?

It is a Common Analog I/O Board under the GE Mark V series.

Why is it important to keep this component at a cool temperature?

For the microprocessor to operate properly and to prolong its life, the board needs to be kept at a low temperature.

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