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DS200TCCAG1A - MKV, Common Analog Card

DS200TCCAG1A - MKV, Common Analog Card

DS200TCCAG1A	- MKV, Common Analog Card

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  • Manufacturer : General Electric

  • Part Number : DS200TCCAG1A

  • Product Type :Analog I/O Board

  • Series : Mark V Speedtronic

  • The Speedtronic Mark V Gas turbine Control system is one of the most established derivative of the Speedtronic Series. The Mark V system is designed to fulfill all gas turbine Control requirements.The Mark V control boards and control cards part numbers belong to the DS200 series.The Mark V Turbine control system uses digital microprocessors to control the Gas Turbine.The Mark V Speedtronic Control system has a software Implemented Fault Tolerance to increase the reliability of the turbine control system. The core parts of the Mark V controls systems are Communications, Protection ,Power Distribution,QD digital I/O Controls processors and C digital I/O.

    The Mark V Speedtronic DS200TCCAG1A is an Analog I/O Board.The DS200TCCAG1A has one microprocessor and multiple PROM module.The DS200TCCAG1A connects to a Common Data Processor.The microprocessor used in DS200TCCAG1A is 80196.Apart from this this has one LED and 2 fifty pin connectors, named as JCC and JDD.As this Analog I/O board is populated with a microprocessor it is important to maintain a cool temperature for the smooth functioning of the microprocessor,over heat can damage the microprocessor .It is important to install the drive in a cool and clean location.

    Since the DS200 series is obsolete ,we suggest you have a shelf stock of minimum 2 cards of every panel including the DS200TCCAG1A.WOC has the largest stock of Speedtronic Mark V control spares and we can repair your faulty DS200TCCAG1A with a warranty of 12 months .WORLD OF CONTROLS can also supply UNUSED and REBUILT DS200TCCAG1A card backed up with a warranty of 24 months.Our team of experts are available round the clock to support your Mark V DS200TCCG1A needs.

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