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DS200TBQBG1A - Analog Terminal Board

DS200TBQBG1A - Analog Terminal Board DS200TBQBG1A - Analog Terminal Board

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Part Number: DS200TBQBG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Product Type: RST Analog Termination Board

DS200TBQBG1A is an RST Analog Termination Board developed by General Electric. Two terminal blocks are included on the board. Each block comprises 77 signal wire connections. 15 jumpers, 3 34-pin connectors, and 3 16-pin connectors are also included in the GE RST Analog Termination Board DS200TBQBG1A. Due to the lack of test points and indicator LEDs, your options for diagnosing the board if you suspect a problem are restricted. Test points allow you to connect the relevant circuits on the board to a testing instrument and diagnose issues.

  • LEDs give a visual representation of the board's overall health and processing activity. However, the drive incorporates several diagnostic tools that, when used, generate a report of all the drive's capabilities and can aid in the diagnosis of a board problem. The tools are stored in the drive's programmable read-only memory (PROM) and can be accessed via the control panel.
  • A keypad and a tiny display make up the control panel. The keypad has two purposes. The first is to give the operator a way to control the drive's operation. To stop the motor, press one key. To start the motor, press another key. Other keys can be used to slow or speed up the motor.
  • The other function is to provide you with access to a menu of alternatives, which includes diagnostic tools. Move up and down the list of options with the keys, and press a key to select the tools. The results are saved in a file that may be downloaded to a laptop.
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What is the location of DS200TBQBG1A in the core?

DS200TBQBG1A is located in location 7 when it is in the R core.

What are the termination signals on the DS200TBQBG1A?

There are four termination signals on the board. They are pulse rate inputs, compressor discharge transmitters, DC voltage inputs, and a vibration transducer.

How to obtain DS200TBQBG1A?

World of Control supply unused and rebuilt DS200TBQBG1A backed up with a warranty.