DS200TBCBG1A - Termination Module

DS200TBCBG1A - Termination Module DS200TBCBG1A - Termination Module

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Part No.: DS200TBCBG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)
Product Type: Termination Module
Series: Mark V

DS200TBCBG1A is a Termination module developed by GE. Location seven of the R5 core houses the Termination Module RTD and 4-20 mA Input (TBCB). The TBCB terminal board receives RTD and mA input signals. Eight of the 4 -20 mA input signals can be configured as 0 -1 mA input signals via hardware jumpers. In the R5 core, the signals connected to the TBCB terminal board are written to the TCCB board.

DS200TBCBG1A  Features

  • The board can be installed among other I/O control boards in a Mark V turbine control cabinet. Within the cabinet, there are four portions of these boards. Within an I/O control section, there are 9 total slots, and the TBCB board normally occupies one of the bigger slots below a sequence of 5 smaller boards.
  • The board is also known as an RTD and 4-20 mA Input Termination Module (TBCB). This board is a part of the R5> core. The input signals received by this board are transmitted to the TCCB board, where they are written on the board. The TCCB board can also be found in the R5 core. A total of eight of the standard input signals can be transformed to 0-1 mA input signals.
  • There is no software that needs to be configured on the board, however, there are hardware options. The DCOM must be connected to the BJ1 to BJ22 input signals. Signals 15-22 are transformed to a 0-1mA current range using the BJ23 to BJ30 input signals.

DS200TBCBG1A  Connections

  • JHH - In the R5 core, writes the mA input signals to the TCCB board.
  • JII - In the R5 core, writes RTD signals to the TCCB board.

Configuration of TBCB Hardware

  • BJ1 to BJ22 - Connects mA input signals #1 to #22 to DCOM.
  • BJ23 through BJ30 - Sets mA input signals #15 through #22 to a current range of 0 -1 mA or 4 -20 mA.

The board belongs to the GE Speedtronic Mark V LM series of turbine control systems. This board is no longer supported by its original manufacturer, therefore thus can be difficult to find. This board is still available from World of Controls as a refurbished or new surplus stock item. For availability and pricing, please contact us directly. The most comprehensive selection of GE Speedtronic Mark V control components is available at World of Controls. Our experts are available at all times to assist you with your Mark V requirements. If you require any additional information, please contact WOC as soon as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS200TBCBG1A?
DS200TBCBG1A is a Termination module developed by GE.

With which processor does the component work?
The board works with the Common Data Processor. The analog signals for the Common Data Processor are provided by the board.

What signals have been received by the module?
On the board, 8 of the 4-20 mA input signals can be set as 0-1 mA input signals via hardware jumpers. The TCCB board receives the signals that land on board.

What is the number of inputs on the module?
The board has 36 inputs in total. It features twenty-two milliamp transducer inputs and fourteen 3-wire RTD inputs.