DS200TBCAG2A - RTD Termination Module

DS200TBCAG2A - RTD Termination Module DS200TBCAG2A - RTD Termination Module

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Part Number: DS200TBCAG2A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Product Type: RTD termination module
Location: R5 Core
No. of Inputs: 30
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacturer: United States (USA)

Functional Description

DS200TBCAG2A is an RTD termination module developed by GE. It is a part of Mark V Control system. The RTD Termination Module (TBCA) is in location nine of the R5 core. The RTD connections to R5 are landed on the TBCA terminal board, which is connected to the TCCA board in R5. to interface seamlessly with the rest of the Mark V Control system. The module is responsible for connecting the RTDs to the TCCA board in R5, which allows the system to accurately measure and monitor temperature.

The Mark V is used to control and protect the unit, along with sensors and devices mounted on the unit and its auxiliaries. The use of redundant sensors and devices for feedback, control, and protection of critical functions improves unit reliability. If one of the redundant devices fails, the operation is unaffected. The connection of redundant devices to the control panel, as well as their regulation by the control software, were deemed critical factors in the design of the Mark V. This fail-safe approach results in a highly reliable turbine control and protection system.

TBCA Connections

  • JCC - Writes the RTD signals 1 through 15 to the TCCA board in the R5 core.
  • JDD - Writes the RTD signals 16 through 30 to the TCCA board in the R5 core

Hardware Configuration

  • There are no hardware jumpers on the terminal board.


  • Two blocks of 90 signal wire terminals and two 50-pin connectors are present on the Board.
  • The drive's operating life is extended and is kept in outstanding shape with routine maintenance. Open the cabinet doors and check the moving parts for any small pieces of metal that may have become trapped there as the first maintenance step. Examine the wire connections and test them by lightly pulling on them.
  • It has 30 total inputs and inputs are for 3-wire RTDs.
  • It is a termination board for the analog signals of the Common Data Processor.
  • The component is located in core R5 of the Mark V LM control panel.

System Power Sources

  • The Mark V panel can accept power from a variety of sources. Before entering the Mark V panel, each power input source should be fed through its own external 30 Ampere 2 pole thermal magnetic circuit breaker. It is recommended that the circuit breaker be located near the equipment. The breaker ratings are 250 volts and 30 amps, with a withstand rating of 10,000 amps as a minimum.
  • The breaker should be CE marked and supplied in accordance with EN61010-1 section A 125 V dc source and/or up to two 120/240 V ac sources can be used as power sources. Each core in the panel has its own power supply card, which is powered by a 125 V dc panel distribution bus.

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What is DS200TBCAG2A?
It is an RTD termination module developed by GE.

Are there any hardware jumpers on the terminal board?
No, there are no hardware jumpers on the board.

How many inputs are there on the board?
There are a total of 30 inputs