DS200SVIAG1A - Shunt Isolator Board

DS200SVIAG1A - Shunt Isolator Board DS200SVIAG1A - Shunt Isolator Board

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Part Number: DS200SVIAG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Drive Control
Function: Shunt Isolator Board
Potentiometers: 3 Pots
Revisions: AAA, ABB
Product type: PCB
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

DS200SVIAG1A is a shunt isolator board designed and developed by GE. It is a part of General Electric Drive control system. The Mark V TMR control system employs software-implemented fault tolerance (SIFT) technology. Each control processor in a TMR control panel determines its own control and protection functions based on separate inputs. The control processors vote on the inputs used to make these determinations individually. If one control processor fails to read an input correctly, the erroneous value is out-voted.


  • It prominently displays a substantial Isolation Amplifier component. There are two terminal blocks on the Shunt Isolator Board. One terminal block has seven signal wire terminals, while the other has eight signal wire terminals. It also has several test points, two jumpers, and one LED. When lit, the LED turns green, indicating that the board is functioning properly. When it flashes, it indicates that there is processing activity on the board. When the LED does not light up, it means that the board is not receiving power or is not functioning properly.
  • It has three potentiometers onboard that can be adjusted during installation. AAA and ABB are the revisions produced by GE for the SVIA Board.
  • Use the test points to test the condition of the individual circuits to learn more about the board. The test points are labeled with identifiers on the board's surface. Some of the test points, for example, are identified as VIN, ACOMTS, TEST, SOURCE, P15IS, and VIN1. A properly calibrated testing device can be used to test the test points.

Control Panel Configurations

  • The Mark V control panel is available in two configurations: triple modular redundant (TMR) or single modular redundant (SMR) (Simplex).
  • TMR control panels are almost always used in new gas turbine units, whereas most existing gas turbine control system retrofit applications can be outfitted with either a TMR or a Simplex control panel. TMR or Simplex control panels are available for new steam turbine units. Existing steam turbines can be retrofitted with TMR or Simplex control panels as well.
  • Printed circuit cards and terminal boards are contained in or mounted on cores in a Mark V control panel. Cores are sheet metal housings with fixed and movable printed circuit card holders known as card carriers. The card carriers in the cores can hold up to five printed circuit cards. A single core can also support up to four I/O terminal boards (printed circuit cards with high-density terminal boards).

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What is DS200SVIAG1A?
It is a shunt isolator board designed and developed by GE

What is an isolation amplifier component?
An isolation amplifier is a type of amplifier that provides electrical isolation between the input and output signals. This isolation helps to prevent electrical noise and other types of interference from affecting the signal being amplified.

What is a shunt isolator board?
A shunt isolator board is a type of circuit board that is used to isolate electrical signals. It is typically used in situations where there is a need to measure the current flowing through a circuit, but the current is too high to be measured directly.

What are the potentiometers on the shunt isolator board used for?
The potentiometers on the shunt isolator board are used to adjust the gain and offset of the isolation amplifier. The gain potentiometer adjusts the amplification of the input signal, while the offset potentiometers adjust the DC offset of the output signal.

What are the revisions of the SVIA board manufactured by GE?
The revisions of the SVIA board manufactured by GE are AAA and ABB.