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Part Number: DS200SLCCG1ADC
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Product Type: LAN Communications Card

General Electric developed the DS200SLCCG1ADC drive board, which is a local area network (LAN) communications card. This device is part of the Mark V series of drive and exciter boards. This board can be put in the cabinets of a number of different GE drives. The card itself serves as the interface for LAN communications sent to the hard disk.

  • This card features the hardware required to accept both DLAN and ARCNET network connections, as with all G1 variants of the board. The host drive is provided with both isolated and non-isolated communication connections when the LAN card is fitted.
  • A LAN control processor (LCP) is included on the DS200SLCCG1ADC card, which filters signals delivered to the drive. The two replaceable EPROM memory compartments hold the LCP's entire program memory. The card also has dual-ported RAM to give the LCP enough room to communicate with the drive's wired drive control board. An attachable keypad rounds out the onboard amenities. Users can access any onboard diagnostics and system setup options with this alphanumeric keypad programmer.
  • Any drive board supplied from WOC is carefully wrapped in a static-resistant plastic wrap to keep it safe. The DS200SLCCG1ADC LAN connection card should only be installed by persons who are qualified to work with these boards.
  • WOC stocks the largest Speedtronic Mark V control spares, and we can repair your faulty DS200SLCCG1ADC with a warranty. WORLD OF CONTROLS can also provide unused and rebuilt DS200SLCCG1ADC with a Warranty.

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What is DS200SLCCG1ADC?

DS200SLCCG1ADC drive board is a Local area network communication card produced by General Electric.

Does this card has the necessary hardware to accept both DLAN and ARCNET network connections.?

As with all G1 models of the board, this card includes the necessary hardware to accept DLAN and ARCNET network connections.

How to obtain DS200SLCCG1ADC LAN Connection Card?

World of Controls offers unused and rebuilt DS200SLCCG1ADC with a warranty.