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Part Number: DS200SLCCG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Function: Communication Card

General Electric Speedtronic Mark V DS200SLCCG1A is an SLCC LAN Communication Card and is part of the gas turbine control systems. The programmer module is connected to the SLCC's 16-position alphanumeric display (and display controller, U18). The programmer module installs on the SLCC and plugs into connectorsKPPL.

  • The LAN Control Processor, U1, is the main microprocessor on the SLCC (LCP). Two replaceable EPROMs contain the LCP software (U6 and U7).
    U8 and U9 supply the LCP-specific RAM. The Drive Control Processor (DCP) on the Drive Control Card (SDCC) and the LCP communicate through 3PL using dual-ported RAM (U5). Dual-ported RAM [DPR] is RAM set up as memory arrays that two microprocessors may access both independently and concurrently.
  • The card installation provides the necessary communication medium for drive operation. This card, like a G1 version of the board, provides circuitry for both DLAN and ARCNET networks. The LAN communication card both isolated and nonisolated lines. The LAN control processor (LCP), which is built into the board, filters communications operations.
  • The LCP's program is stored on two removable EPROM memory cartridges. Dual-port RAM is also included on the PCB. This memory area is used to store data for communication between the LCP and a drive control board that is connected externally.

Configurable Hardware

The configurable hardware in the SLCC must be properly configured for the application:

  • JP nomenclature-designated Berg-type (manually moveable) hardware jumpers
  • WJ nomenclature-designated wire jumpers

Card Connections

Through five connectors (marked _PL), the SLCC communicates with the other controller boards, outside signals, and the network.


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What is the mounting method for the DS200SLCCG1A?

The DS200SLCCG1A is supported by four standoffs on the SDCC. The programmer module connects to the connector KPPL and snaps over the keypad.

What type of jumpers does DS200SLCCG1A have?

The berg-type or manually moveable hardware jumpers. Whereas the wire jumpers on are identified by a WJ nomenclature. A JP nomenclature is used to identify the berg-type jumpers.