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Part Number: DS200SHVMG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Product Type: SCR High Voltage M-Frame Interface Board

The DS200SHVMG1A is a high-voltage M-frame interface board by General Electric. This unit is included in the Mark V series of optional and replacement boards. When installed, it serves as an interface between the M-frame drive's SCR bridge and the power supply board (DCFB or SDCI), as well as PowerConnect cards. This board can be put in the cabinet of a variety of GE exciters and drives.

  • Any installation parameters specified by the manufacturer for both the drive and the board should be followed. Following these instructions guarantees that the complete drive system functions properly.
  • The VCO (voltage-controlled oscillator) circuits operate as voltage conversion points by using DC positive and negative floating shunts. This card also provides a 10:1 current transformer attenuation for AC line currents. The 17 onboard configurable jumpers can be used to adjust the attenuation. Bypass the attenuators if the AC line voltage is between 240 and 600 V. They should be included if the voltages vary from 601 to 1000 V.
  • The DS200SHVMG1A gives a range of functions to the drive once deployed. Shunt signals ranging from -500 to 500 mV are converted to differential frequency outputs ranging from 0 to 500 kHz. The DCFB or SDCI boards, as well as the PCCA card, receive these signals.
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What is the purpose of the DS200SHVMG1A interface?

The DS200SHVMG1A is a signal interface that connects the SCR bridge of an M-frame drive to the DCFB or SDCI Power Supply Board and PCAA Power Connect Card. Once connected, the DS200SHVMG1A may convert shunt signals into differential-frequency outputs for the DCFB or SDCI board, it can include hardware jumper-selectable 10:1 transformers for additional current attenuation, and it can attenuate AC line, motor armature, and SCR bridge voltages.

What kind of hardware does the DS200SHVMG1A come with?

Configurable jumpers, wiring plug connections, and stab connectors are all included in the hardware of the DS200SHVMG1A.

Where to find DS200SHVMG1A?

World of Control provides unused and rebuilt DS200SHVMG1A. Contact WOC for DS200SHVMG1A. For pricing and availability on any components or repairs, please contact WOC sales team by phone or email.