DS200SDCIG2A - DC Power Supply and Instrumentation Board

DS200SDCIG2A - DC Power Supply and Instrumentation Board DS200SDCIG2A - DC Power Supply and Instrumentation Board

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Part No: DS200SDCIG2A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: DC Power Supply and Instrumentation Board
Function: Interface Circuitry For DC2000 Drives
Series: DC2000
Operating temperature: -30 to 65 ºC
Power Supply Voltage: 24 V dc
Board Size: 2.8 cm high x 8.6 cm
Weight: 0.45 kg
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: USA
Manual: GEI-100303


DS200SDCIG2A is a DC Power Supply and Instrumentation Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the DC2000 Series used in Drive Control Systems. The SDCI board supplies DC2000 drives with input voltages up to 600 V ac with logic power and interface circuits. The following circuits are present on the board:

  • +5 V dc, 4A; +15 V dc, 0.4 A; +24 V dc, and 115 V ac, 0.4 power supplies
  • Power circuits for motor fields (except the SCR module)
  • Driver circuits for the gating of the armature SCR

Several AC lines and DC motor signal instrumentation circuits, including

  • Armature voltage and current
  • AC line currents, voltage magnitude, and field current


  • Berg-type (manually moveable) jumpers, indicated by a JP designation, are present on the SDCI board. These jumpers are used for customer preferences or factory testing.
  • The majority of the jumper options are pre-set at the factory. These positions are listed on the Custom Hardware Summary that comes with each controller (in the driver's door pocket).
  • Unless otherwise specified in the instructions, make sure the jumpers on the new board are arranged in the same manner as they were on the old board.
  • In accordance with the ST2000 Toolkit or Drive Configurator, LynxOS Version, if purchased, double-check all jumper and switch settings.


  1. Turn off the drive and wait a few minutes for the capacitors in the power supply to discharge. Before touching any electrical circuits, make sure the power is turned off.
  2. Remove the cabinet lid from the drive to gain access to the printed circuit boards. This reveals the DS200SDCC (SDCC) board, which is visible from the front. The SDCI can be found behind the SDCC.
  3. Pull the latches on either side of the cabinet to expose the SDCI. Tilt forward and lift the SDCC.
  4. Place one hand on either side of the cable connector that mates with the board connector when using a ribbon cable.
  5. Pull the cable connector gently with both hands. Pull the pull tab carefully if the cable has one.
  6. Push the plastic snap holders and remove the board
  7. Place all adjustable items on the replacement (new) board in the same position as those on the board being replaced (old board).
  8. Install the replacement board, making sure that all of the holders snap into place.
  9. The cables bear the right connector name, as indicated on the board. Reconnect all cables in the order they were removed. Check that the cables are properly seated at both ends.

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What is the Instrumentation Board used for?

It is used to supply DC2000 drives with input voltages up to 600 VAC with logic power and interface circuits.

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