DS200SDCCG5A - Drive Control Card

DS200SDCCG5A - Drive Control Card DS200SDCCG5A - Drive Control Card

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Part Number: DS200SDCCG5A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VI
Product Type: Drive Control Card
Number of channels: 16
Analog outputs: 0-20 mA
Frame Rate: 100 Hz
Repair: 3-7 Day
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States
Manual: GEI-100029D


DS200SDCCG5A is an Analog Output Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the Mark VI Series used in the GE Speedtronic gas turbine control systems. The SDCC includes the main software and circuitry for a drive or exciter. Three 16-bit microprocessors and related circuits make up the SDCC, which are connected through dual-ported RAM. Dual-ported RAM [DPR] is RAM set up as memory arrays that two microprocessors may access both independently and concurrently. Additionally, the SDCC has interface circuitry that joins with other boards to create different kinds of ac and dc motor drives. The interface circuitry manages and processes consumer I/O, drive, and motor signals. (In TC2000 applications, the interface circuitry and three primary microprocessors are utilized for various tasks.) The three primary processors of the SDCC are:

  • An 80C186 microcontroller (U1) that employs both digital and analog I/O and has a variety of built-in peripheral features.
  • Among these features are the direct memory access (DMA) controller, timer/counters, an interrupt controller, wait-state generators, and address decoding for chip choices. User interfaces, external regulating loops (such as speed and location), and system-level operations make up DCP software.
  • A processor for motor control (MCP). a microcontroller (U21) with an 80C196 processor that has high-speed I/O, analog I/O, traditional digital I/O, timer/counters, and a watchdog timer. Inner loops like current regulators and motor/technology-specific features like dc phase control, ac motion control, and ac general purpose make up MCP software.
  • For motor control algorithms that are too sophisticated for the MCP, a TMS320C25 digital signal processor (U35) executes math-intensive operations. Only when the drive requires the extra processing power does the SDCC use this processor and the electronics that go along with it. The only devices with which the CMP interfaces are its dual-ported RAM and EPROM.
  • Five memory chips make up the onboard software for the DS200SDCC card: four EPROMs (U11, U12, U22, and U23) that carry factory-programmed configuration data and one EEPROM (U9) that stores field-adjustable settings. On the SDCC, these memory chips are housed in sockets.


Additional auxiliary boards and modules can be mounted using the SDCC mounting facilities. The SDCC is compatible with the following boards:

  • DS215SLCC or 531X306LCC LAN Communications Card
  • 531X309SPC Signal Processor Card
  • DS200SPCB Multibridge Signal Processor Card


In order to test and troubleshoot, the SDCC has onboard test points. Metal posts known as test points can be found along particular signal pathways. Any measuring device, such as an oscilloscope, can be used to measure or observe these signals.


The SDCC includes configurable hardware that must be set correctly for the application:

  • Berg-type (manually movable) hardware jumpers, identified by a JP nomenclature
  • Wire jumpers, identified by a WJ nomenclature

These jumpers are utilized for user application options or factory testing. The majority of the jumper options are pre-set at the factory. These factory fixed positions are listed on the test data sheets that come with each controller (in the drive/exciter door pocket). The jumper descriptions are included in Table 2, starting with the default option.


The SDCC requires the use of the ST2000, GE Control System Toolbox, or LynxOS Drive Configurator for any software modification, download, or replacement. For any software modifications, the ST2000, GE Control System Toolbox, or LynxOS Drive Configurator instruction book, a suitable PC, and the relevant drive/exciter instruction book are also needed.

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What is the purpose of the EPROM in the Drive Control Card?

The board features five EPROM connections for storing configuration software.

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