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Part No.: DS200SDCCG1AFD
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Drive Control Card
Series: Mark V

The DS200SDCCG1AHD is a General Electric Mark V Drive Control Card. This GE Drive Control Board has three microprocessors and RAM that can be accessed simultaneously by multiple microprocessors. The board's processing activities are divided among the three microprocessors. One microprocessor is responsible for processing data relating to drive control actions. The other two are also involved in motor control-related processes. One performs computations that need a lot of math.

  • You must connect the board to a serial connector and link it to a laptop to configure it.
  • The LAN communications card, which is an optional auxiliary card that attaches to the board, has a serial connector. After that, the serial cable is connected to the laptop.
  • To function with the board, the serial port on the laptop must be properly configured. You must also download and install the configuration software on the laptop. If the connection doesn't seem to be working, double-check that the serial cable is connected to the correct connector on the laptop.
  • The next step is to download and edit the configuration file using the configuration tools.
  • You can then upload the file to the board after it's finished. Alternatively, if you have many boards in multiple drives that can all use the same configuration, you can save time and work by uploading the same file to all of them.
  • To avoid touching the high-energy current contained in the drive, turn off the drive before disconnecting the serial cord.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What does DS200SDCCG1AHD stand for?
The DS200SDCCG1AHD is a GE Mark V Drive Control Card.

What are the uses for the DS200SDCCG1AHD?
In AC2000, DC2000, and EX2000 drive applications, the DS200SDCCG1AHD is employed. Because DS200SDCCG1AHD is a G1A version SDCC, we know this.

What is the purpose of card connection 2PL on the DS200SDCCG1AHD?
The +5, 15, and 24 VDC inputs from the Power Supply/Interface Board to DS200SDCCG1AHD are connected to the 2PL card on the DS200SDCCG1AHD.

What kind of boards can be installed on the DS200SDCCG1AHD?
On the board, three different boards can be mounted. The LAN Communications Card DS215SLCC or 531X306LCC can be mounted and additionally install a 531X309SPC Signal Processor Card and a DS200SPCB Multibridge Signal Processor Card.

How to obtain DS200SDCCG1AHD?
Call or mail the World of Controls team. WOC sells DS200SDCCG1AHD boards and other turbine control components.