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Part Number: DS200SDCCG1ACA
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Product Type: Drive Control Card

The DS200SDCCG1ACA is a GE Drive Control Card under the Mark V series. The principal controller for the drive is the GE Drive Control Board. The GE Drive Control Board has three microprocessors and RAM that can be accessed simultaneously by multiple microprocessors. Auxiliary boards can be added to the GE Drive Control Board DS200SDCCG1ACA for additional functionality. The optional cards are mounted on the board, and connections are provided for connecting the optional cards cables to the board.

  • The cards allow users to connect to a local area network (LAN) and handle multibridge signals as well as signals that are sent from or received by the board. If you install the supplementary cards and replace the GE Drive Control Board, there are certain additional actions you must take.
  • First, after removing the damaged board from the drive, flatten the protective bag and set the board on a level surface.
  • After that, unhook any cords and remove the optional cards from the board. Place the replacement board in the protective bag and install the optional cards and cables before installing the replacement board. The replacement board should then be installed.
  • The board has ten LED lights that work together to show the board's status. The LEDs are arranged in a row, and when the board is operating normally, two LEDs flash in succession to signal that the board is in good working order.

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What are the uses for the DS200SDCCG1ACA?

In AC2000, DC2000, and EX2000 drive applications, the DS200SDCCG1ACA is used.


DS200SDCCG1ACA has how many card connections?

There are 8 card connectors on the DS200SDCCG1ACA. Through these ports, the DS200SDCCG1ACA communicates with other controller boards and external signals. The connectors on the DS200SDCCG1ACA are 1PL, 2PL, 3PL, 6PL, 7PL, 8PL, 9PL, and 11PL.


What kind of boards can be mounted on the DS200SDCCG1ACA?

Other auxiliary boards and modules can be mounted on the DS200SDCCG1ACA. The LAN Communications Card DS215SLCC or 531X306LCC, the Signal Processor Card 531X309SPC, and the Multibridge Signal Processor Card DS200SPCB can all be placed on the board.


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