DS200SDCCG1A - Drive Control Card

DS200SDCCG1A - Drive Control Card DS200SDCCG1A - Drive Control Card

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Part No: DS200SDCCG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Function: Processor Board
Series: EX2000
Operating temperature: -30 to 65°C
Board Size: 6.25 in x 4.25 in
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: USA
Manual: GEI-100029


DS200SDCCG1A is a Drive Control Card manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the EX2000 series used in Excitation Control Systems. The Drive Control Card (SDCC), the main processor board, houses the electronics that control the EX2000 primarily. It comprises three dual-ported RAM-connected 16-bit microprocessors with related circuitry. It incorporates general-purpose interface circuitry that may be connected to other circuit boards to create different kinds of excitation systems. This interface circuitry manages the exciter and customer I/O. Two external dual-ported RAMs are also used to increase processing power. 

SDCC Layout Diagram

Fig 1: SDCC Layout Diagram

The SDCC also has interface circuitry that joins with other boards to provide various ac and dc motor drive configurations. The interface circuitry regulates, processes and controls drive, motor, and customer I/O signals. (In TC2000 applications, extra tasks are performed using the three primary microprocessors and the interface circuitry.) The three principal microprocessors of the SDCC are

Drive Control Processor (DCP):

An 80C186 microcontroller (U1) uses both digital and analog I/O and has many built-in peripheral features. These features include the direct memory access (DMA) controller, timers/counters, an interrupt controller, wait-state generators, and address decoding for chip selection. User interfaces, external regulating loops (such speed and location), and system-level operations make up DCP software.

Motor Control Processor (MCP):

A microcontroller (U21) based on the 80C196 featuring high-speed, conventional, analog, and digital I/O as well as timer/counters and a watchdog timer. MCP software includes motor/technology-specific operations like dc phase control, ac motion control, and ac general purpose, as well as inner loops like current regulators.

Co-motor Processor (CMP):

For motor control algorithms that are too sophisticated for the MCP, a TMS32002 signal processor (U35) conducts math-intensive operations. Only when the drive requires the extra processing power does the SDCC use this processor and the electronics that go along with it. Only its EPROM and MCP/CMP dual ported RAM are exposed to the CMP inter.

Five memory chips make up the onboard software for the DS215SDCC card: one EEPROM (U9) holds field-adjustable settings, and four EPROMs (U11, U12, U22, and U23) have factory-programmed configuration data. Located in sockets on the SDCC are these memory chips.


Eight connectors (marked _PL) connect the SDCC to the other controller boards and external signals. The positions of the connections are depicted in Figure 3 along with tables 3 through 9 that list the pin signals for each connector. The following are connectors to other boards:

  • The Power Supply/Interface Board's 2PL inputs at 5, 15, and 24 V dc are connected to the SDCC. The LAN Communications Card receives outputs from the 3PL SDCC (DS215SLCC)
  • 6PL I/O between the SDCC and the Simple Drive Terminal Board (DS200STBA) or Drive Terminal Board (531X305NTB).
  • 7PL I/O between the SDCC and the Multibridge Signal Processing Card (DS200SPCB) or Signal Processor Card (531X309SPC) (not present on SDCCG3s)
  • 8PL I/O between the SDCC and the Simple Drive Terminal Board (DS200STBA) or Drive Terminal Board (531X305NTB).
  • 9PL - Not Used: (not present on SDCCG3s) SDCC outputs to 11PL meters (not present on SDCCG3s)


HARDWARE: The SDCC has programmable hardware that needs to be configured appropriately for the application:

  • Hardware jumpers of the Berg type, distinguished by a JP nomenclature
  • Wire jumpers that can be recognized by a WJ designation

These jumpers are utilized for user application options or factory testing. The majority of the jumper options are pre-set at the factory. the data sheets for testing that come with each controller.

SOFTWARE: The SDCC requires the use of the ST2000, GE Control System Toolbox, or LynxOS Drive Configurator for any software modification, download, or replacement. For any software modifications, the ST2000, GE Control System Toolbox, or LynxOS Drive Configurator instruction book, a suitable PC, and the relevant drive/exciter instruction book are also needed.

  • The ST2000 software toolkit for configuring GE DIRECTO-MATIC 2000 control equipment runs on the DOS operating system.
  • A suite of software tools for Windows that can be used to configure GE DIRECTO-MATIC 2000 control equipment is called the GE Control System Toolbox.

The GE DIRECTO-MATIC 2000 control equipment can be configured using a collection of software tools called the LynxOS Drive Configurator. It is made to function on a personal computer (PC) running the LynxOS operating system.

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What is GE EX2000 DS200SDCCG1A?

It is a Drive Control Card that connects with other boards to form various types of ac and dc motor drives.

How do the component interface with other boards and external signals?

The card interfaces with the other boards of the controller and external signals via eight connectors.

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