DS200SDCCF1AJC - Prom Set

DS200SDCCF1AJC - Prom Set DS200SDCCF1AJC - Prom Set

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Part No.: DS200SDCCF1AJC
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States of America (USA)
Temperature Operating: -30 to 65oC
Product Type: Prom Set
Availability: In Stock
Series: Mark V

Functional Description

DS200SDCCF1AJC is a Prom Set developed by GE. It is a part of Mark V control system. The PROM set stores firmware that is essential for the control system to function correctly. This firmware includes predefined settings and operational parameters that the system uses during its operation.

System Power Load Unbalance Module

  • The primary function of the module is to protect the steam turbine from overspeeding when there is a sudden loss of load, known as load rejection. Overspeed can cause significant damage to the turbine and associated equipment.
  • The PLU module monitors the balance between mechanical power (produced by the turbine) and electrical power (consumed by the grid).
    An unbalance occurs when the mechanical power significantly exceeds the electrical power due to load rejection.
  • In the event of a detected unbalance during load rejection, the PLU module initiates fast-closing actions for the Control Valve (CV) and Intercept Valve (IV). This rapid valve closure reduces the mechanical power input to the turbine, preventing rapid acceleration and potential overspeed.
  • The module is designed to differentiate between load rejection and stable fault conditions such as grid faults that are self-clearing. Valve actuation is not triggered under stable fault conditions, avoiding unnecessary interventions.
  • The module comprises three sets of identical boards, labeled U, V, and W. Each board set functions independently with its own power supply and processor, ensuring high reliability and redundancy.
  • Each of the U, V, and W boards has a dedicated power supply and processor. This independent operation of each board set enhances the module’s fault tolerance and reliability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DS200SDCCF1AJC?
It is a Prom Set developed by GE under the Mark V series.

Will the PLU module actuate the valves under all fault conditions?
No, the module is designed to actuate the valves only under load rejection conditions. It does not initiate valve actions under stable fault conditions that are self-clearing, such as grid faults, to avoid unnecessary interventions.

What are the components of the PLU module?
The module contains three sets of identical boards labeled U, V, and W. Each set has its own power supply and processor, providing redundancy and enhancing the reliability of the module.

Why does the PLU module have three sets of identical boards?
The module employs triple redundancy by having three sets of identical boards (U, V, and W), each with its own power supply and processor. This redundancy ensures high reliability and fault tolerance, allowing the module to continue operating effectively even if one or two boards fail.