DS200SBCAG1A - Static Brake Card

DS200SBCAG1A - Static Brake Card DS200SBCAG1A - Static Brake Card

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Part Number: DS200SBCAG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: Unites States(USA)
Product Type: Static Brake Card
Series: GE Drive controls

DS200SBCAG1A is a Static Brake Card developed by GE. The component is installed in a turbine control drive's inner mechanical system. The Speedtronic Mark V control systems provide a wide range of gas and steam turbine control applications. These adaptable, complicated control devices provide the monitoring and administration systems needed to regulate turbines.

DS200SBCAG1A Features

  • The typical Mark V drive features a triple modular redundancy architecture with software-implemented fault tolerance. It is connected to and put in the Mark V drives.
  • This PCB is equipped with the static brake capabilities required by the drive. WOC has an inventory of unused excess as well as pre-owned, completely optimized, and reconditioned products.
  • Our expert, on-site technical repair personnel performs the re-optimization. Our inventory is covered by a full, automatic warranty. Our coverage is available for up to three years.

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What is DS200SBCAG1A?

It is a Static Brake Card developed by GE

How to obtain this Static Brake Card?

Contact WOC. We provide OEM turbine control system parts at a reasonable price.