DS200RTBAG4A - Relay Terminal Board

DS200RTBAG4A - Relay Terminal Board DS200RTBAG4A - Relay Terminal Board

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Part Number: DS200RTBAG4A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: EX2000
Product Type: Analog Conversion Board
Board Size: 17.51 cm High x 18.5 cm
Repair: 3-7 Days
Weight: 2.00 lbs
Coil Voltage: 120 V dc
Country of Origin: USA
Availability: In Stock


DS200RTBAG4A is a Relay Terminal Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the EX2000 Series used in GE Excitation control systems. The Relay Terminal Board (RTBA) for the DS200 is an optional board that is also known as a relay card. The RTBA offers ten relays, three of which have four form C contacts rated at 5 A, and seven of which have two form C contacts rated at 10 A. These relays can be operated remotely by the user or directly from the LTB board's relays. Depending on the group number of the board, there are three coil voltages for the RTBA relays. The coil voltages that are accessible include 115 V ac, 50/60 Hz, 24 V do, and 110 v de (RTBAG4). The RTBA board has jumpers of the Berg type. The layout of the RTBA board, including the locations of these jumpers, is shown in Figure 1.

RTBA Board Layout

Fig 1: RTBA Board Layout

Ten relays are provided on this board, and they can run on voltages provided by the LTB or external voltages supplied by the customer. Three of the relays have four form C contacts, while the other three have two form C contacts. There are three coil voltages for the relays: 115 v ac, 50/60 Hz; 24 V de (G2); or 110 V de (GI). An interface between the controller and other devices, such as contractors, indication lights, pushbuttons, and interlocks, is provided by the LAN terminal board (LTB). Seven low-voltage, low-current form C relay contact connections make up the LTB control outputs. They work to activate the high voltage, high current relays of the RTBA. Contacts from both the RTBA and LTB are accessible when they are utilized together. For amplification, the RTBA relays may be operated by the LTB relays. Eight dual-point inputs that are separately separated and optically linked to the exciter controller are also included in the LTB.

I/O Between RTBA Board and External Connections:

The RTBA board contains seven relays and each has two form C connections. The contact connection is indicated by the nomenclature for the terminal board points. The terminal board point K2O NO, for instance, stands for normally open (NO), as opposed to normally closed (NC) or common. K stands for the relay, 20 for which of the seven relays (20�26), 7 for which of the two forms C contacts, and NO for ordinarily open (K) (CM).


  • The RTBA board is connected to the LTBA board via a 16-pin connector (RPL) and a 2-pin connector (OPTPL). The use of specific RPL connector signals is jumper selectable.
  • To supply control power to certain pluggable circuits, two stab connectors, CPH (control power hot, positive) and CPN (control power negative) are provided.
  • The board includes pluggable circuits as well as access to relays K27 and K29 via connectors C1PL C5PL and Y9PL Y37PL. The control power source for these pluggable circuits can be selected via a jumper.
  • I/O can be connected between the RTBA board relays K20 K26 and external signals via the RTBA board terminals 1 52. The control power source for these relays is selectable via a jumper.

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