DS200RTBAG2A - Relay Terminal Board

DS200RTBAG2A - Relay Terminal Board DS200RTBAG2A - Relay Terminal Board

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Part Number: DS200RTBAG2A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Series: EX2000
Function: Terminal Board

DS200RTBAG2A is a relay terminal board developed by GE under Mark V series. The Relay Terminal Board (RTBA) for the DS200 is an optional board that is also known as a relay card. The RTBA offers ten relays, three of which have four form C contacts rated at 5 A, and seven of which have two form C contacts rated at 10 A. These relays can be operated remotely by the user or directly from the LTB board's relays. Depending on the group number of the board, there are three coil voltages for the RTBA relays. The coil voltages that are accessible include 115 V ac, 50/60 Hz, 24 V do, and 110 v de (RTBAG1, RTBAG2) (RTBAG3). The RTBA board has jumpers of the Berg type.

DS200RTBAG2A Relays

  • An external voltage source placed on the terminal board between KnA (n = 20–26) and KCM or an internal control voltage source supplied by plug RPL from LTB may be used to activate each RTBA relay. (Take note that JP8 and JP9 provide extra alternatives for K20-K22.)
  • Seven relays on the RTBA board each have two form C connections. The contact connection is indicated by the nomenclature for the terminal board points. The terminal board point K2O NO, for instance, stands for normally open (NO), as opposed to normally closed (NC) or common. K stands for the relay, 20 for which of the seven relays (20–26), 7 for which of the two forms C contacts, and NO for ordinarily open (K) (CM).

Board Connections

  • The board is connected to the LTBA board using a 16-pin connector (RPL) and a 2-pin connector (OPTPL). Usage of specific RPL connector signals is selectable from jumper.
  • Two stab connectors, CPH (control power hot, positive) and CPN (control power negative), are provided to supply control power to certain pluggable circuits. A jumper controls the use of these stab connectors.
  • The RTBA board includes pluggable circuits as well as relays K27 and K29 access via connectors C1PL C5PL and Y9PL Y37PL. A jumper can be used to select the control power source for these pluggable circuits.
  • Through the RTBA board terminals 1 52, I/O can be connected between the RTBA board relays K20 K26 and external signals. A jumper is used to select the power source for these relays.

Application Data - Configurable Hardware

A JP nomenclature identifies Berg-type (manually movable) hardware jumpers on the RTBA board, and they must be set appropriately for the application. Most jumper options have already been pre-programmed. On the data sheets that are included with each controller (in the drive/exciter door pocket), these factory preset positions are listed.

DS200RTBAG2A Features

  • This card can be used with a wide range of GE exciters and drivers in their cabinets. When utilizing this RTBA board, you can control both remote and LAN I/O terminals.
  • The ten relays on the board are divided into two categories: DPDT and 4PDT. On the board, there are seven DPDT type relays, each with two Form C contacts. A 10A charge is registered on each relay contact.
  • Each relay also contains a 110 VDC coil. Each DPDT relay is located between K20 and K26 on the circuit board. The final three slots on the board are reserved for 4PDT relay types.
  • Within each relay, there are four contacts of this type. These types of contacts have a 1A charge.
    A 110 VDC coil is also included in each relay. A 130 VAC metal oxide varistor protects all onboard relays (MOV). Relays can be simply removed and replaced as needed.

DS200RTBAG2A Board Replacement

  1. Turn off the drive and wait several minutes for all of the capacitors to discharge. Before touching any electrical circuits, make sure the power is turned off.
  2. To access the board, open the cabinet door on the drive (The RTBA board is usually found beneath the drive's board rack.)
  3. Remove all cables from the RTBA board with care.
  4. Remove the four screws with washers that secure the RTBA board to the four standoffs.
  5. Place all configurable items on the replacement (new) board in the same position as those on the replaced board (old board).
  6. Place the new board on the four standoffs using the four screws and washers that were removed in step 4.
  7. Reconnect all cables that were disconnected in step 3, making sure that each connector is properly seated at both ends.
  8. Reconnect all individual wires that were disconnected in step 3, making sure that each wire is securely fastened in the terminal.

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What is DS200RTBAG2A?
DS200RTBAG2A is a relay terminal board developed by GE under the Mark V series.

Whether the board offers jumpers of Berg type?
Yes, the board has jumpers of the Berg type.

What type of relays are K20-K26?
The relays K20-K25 have a 24 VDC coil voltage and 10 A DPDT contacts. 68A9662PDC24X is the part number for these relays.

What are the connectors on the board?
A 16-pin connector (RPL) and a 2-pin connector are included in the card. (OPTPL). The connectors connect the board to the LTBA board for I/O.

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Please contact World of Controls FZE for sales at +1 609 385 1231.