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DS200RTBAG1A - Relay Terminal Board

DS200RTBAG1A - Relay Terminal Board DS200RTBAG1A - Relay Terminal Board

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Part Number: DS200RTBAG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Series: Mark V
Function: Terminal Board

DS200RTBAG1A is a Relay Terminal Board and is part of the GE Speedtronic Mark V gas turbine control systems. It is a board that can be found within the drive (or exciter) cabinet as an option. The RTBA board includes ten relays that are powered directly by the pilot relays on the 531X307LTB LAN I/O board. Terminal Board (LTB) or by the user remotely. Seven of the ten relays (DPDT relays) have two Form C contacts, while the remaining three relays have four Form C contacts (4PDT relays).

DS200RTBAG1A Board Connections

  • The RTBA board is connected to the LTBA board via a 16-pin connector (RPL) and a 2-pin connector (OPTPL). The use of specific RPL connector signals is jumper selectable.
  • To supply control power to certain pluggable circuits, two stab connectors, CPH (control power hot, positive) and CPN (control power negative), are provided. The use of these stab connectors is selectable via a jumper.
  • The RTBA board includes pluggable circuits as well as access to relays K27 and K29 via connectors C1PL C5PL and Y9PL Y37PL. The control power source for these pluggable circuits can be selected via a jumper.
  • I/O can be connected between the RTBA board relays K20 K26 and external signals via the RTBA board terminals 1 52. The control power source for these relays is selectable via a jumper.

Relay Description

The ten relays are denoted by the letters K20 through K29. Relays K20 K26 are DPDT relays, while K27 K29 are 4PDT relays. Each relay has an LED (located at the top of the relay inside the relay's case) that indicates when the relay is energized. All relay I/O is protected by 130 V ac metal oxide varistors (MOVs). If necessary, any of the ten relays can be replaced individually.

Application Data

Configurable Hardware

Berg-type (manually movable) hardware jumpers on the RTBA board are identified by a JP nomenclature and must be set correctly for the application. The majority of the jumper options have been pre-programmed. These factory set positions are indicated on the data sheets that come with each controller (in the drive/exciter door pocket).

DS200RTBAG1A Functional Description

When this card is added, it adds ten more relays to the drive. The pilot relays on the LAN I/O terminal board (GE P/N 531X307LTB) or the user can both drive these relays remotely. When inserted in a drive or exciter, the card provides access to an additional ten relays. Seven of the relays on the board have two Form C connections and are DPDT relays. The remaining three relays have four Form C contacts and are 4PDT type. Positions K20 through K26 are where you'll find the DPDT relays. A 110 VDC coil and 10 A contacts are used in these relays. These three relays are assigned to locations K27 through K29. A 110 VDC coil and 1 A contacts are included in the relay voltages. A 130 VAC metal oxide varistor protects each relay on the board against surges and interruptions (MOV).


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What types of jumpers come with the DS200RTBAG1A?

Berg-type or manually movable hardware jumpers are included in the board. A JP nomenclature is used to identify the jumpers.

Are the relays protected?

Yes, 130 VAC metal oxide varistors safeguard each of the relay's input and output.

What is the number of relays on the board?

The LAN I/O Terminal Board features 10 relays, labeled K20-K29, that are operated either directly from the pilot relays on the LTB or remotely by the user. The coil voltages of the relays are 110 VDC.