DS200PTCTG2B - Signal Conditioner Board

DS200PTCTG2B - Signal Conditioner Board DS200PTCTG2B - Signal Conditioner Board

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Part Number: DS200PTCTG2B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Signal Conditioner
Series: Mark V

DS200PTCTG2B is a Signal Conditioner Board and a part of the GE Mark V series used in gas turbine control systems. DS200PTCTG2B comes with a single terminal block with 72 signal wire terminals. One 50-pin connector is also included. OUT2, OUT1, COM1, COM2, P15, SO21, and L23 are the IDs for the terminals on the terminal block. There are additional termination posts for six signal cables. When the GE Speedtronic Signal Conditioner Board is put in the drive, it has the ability to connect to various signal wires and ribbon cables. Some signal cables carry signals from the board to the drive's other boards for processing. Signals are sent to the board for processing via other signal lines. After that, the signals are transferred to other boards to be processed further.

  • Because there are so many wires, it's crucial to remember that air must circulate freely inside the drive, and the cables must be routed so that they don't obstruct it. Cool air enters the drive from the bottom and flows around, over, and under the heat-generating components when the drive is in operation.
  • The processing boards that send and receive signals are among these components. The motor and its accompanying moving elements are also included. The interior of the drive may become overly hot if the air is trapped by wire bundles.
  • This would result in an overheating problem, causing the drive to shut down automatically. Keep the wires away from the air vents and route them along the sides of the drive interior to avoid an overheating situation.

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What is Mark V DS200PTCTG2B?

DS200PTCTG2B is a signal conditioner board under Mark V manufactured by GE.

What is a Signal Conditioner?

Signal conditioning is a data acquisition technique that is carried out with the help of signal conditioner equipment. This device changes one sort of electrical or mechanical signal into another type of output signal.

What does a terminal block do?

A terminal block is an insulated, modular block that connects two or more wires. Terminal blocks are used in factories to secure and/or terminate lines. The terminal block comes in handy when it comes to connecting wires to the ground. Hundreds of millions of terminal blocks are currently in use, with more being added every day.