DS200PTBAG1B - Protection Termination Board

DS200PTBAG1B - Protection Termination Board DS200PTBAG1B - Protection Termination Board

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Part Number: DS200PTBAG1B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V LM
Product Type: Terminal Board
Availability: In Stock
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Manual: GEH-6153

DS200PTBAG1B is a Protection Termination Board manufactured by General Electric as part of the Mark V LM Series used in gas turbine control systems. The P1 core's signals are terminated by the Protection Termination Module (PTBA), which is located in the core. In P1, input signals for high and low pressure shaft speeds, flame detection, generator and bus voltages, and generator currents land on the PTBA terminal board and are connected to the TCEB board. The R1 core is also connected to the speed signals.

DS200PTBAG1B Features

  •  The PTBA terminal board reads external trip input signals, generator and bus signals, and generator breaker close signals before writing them directly to the Turbine Trip (TCTG) board in the P1 core. The PTBA terminal board is used to write trip output signals and generator breaker close signals from the TCTG board to the unit. Using a hardware jumper on the PTBA board, the TCEB board's audio alarm (horn) is powered. It has 2 3-pin connectors, 1 LED on the board's side, and 8 jumpers. Two 50-pin connectors and one block of ten LEDs are also included.
  • The LED on the board's side has the ID CR9. When illuminated, it is green in color and indicates that the board is getting electricity. The LED flashes to show that the board is processing information. A board that is not receiving power or not responding to voltage will not have an LED that is lighted. When the board is mounted in the rack cabinet between other boards, the LED is visible. From the window in the rack cabinet, you can see the LED.

DS200PTBAG1B Applications

  • For Primary Overspeed Defense The turbine speed sensor is usually connected to a pulse rate input on the PTBA terminal board in P1 core location 6.
  • HP and LP shafts are landed on the PTBA terminal board in the P1 core and written to the X and Y boards in Emergency Overspeed Protection.
  • Flame Detection Circuits TCEA UV flame detector signals are fed into the PTBA board via the P1 core. These signals are read from the PTBA terminal board to the TCEB board via the JVA and JU connectors and written to the TCEA board via the JK (JKX/Y/Z) connectors.

DS200PTBAG1B Connectors

  • JJR - Writes the high and low pressure shaft speed signals to the TCQE board in the R1 core.
  • JM - In the P1 core, reads and writes the generator breaker signals (52GL) as well as the emergency trip outputs to and from the TCTG board.
  • JN - In the P1 core, reads and writes the generator breaker signals (G125P), writes the enable signal to the horn, and reads external trip signals to/from the TCTG board.
  • JU - Sends emergency overspeed, flame detect, and audible alarm (horn) enable signals to the TCEB board in the P1 core.
  • JV - In the P1 core, writes the generator and bus voltage signals, as well as the current signals (PT and CT), to the TCEB board.
  • JVA - Transports the 335 V dc from the TCEB board in the P1 core to the flame detection devices.
  • JJS/T - Not commonly used.

Hardware Configuration

J1 Enable the audible alarm (horn). Remove to silence.

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What is DS200PTBAG1B?
DS200PTBAG1B is a Protection Termination Board manufactured by GE.

What is the Purpose of the Termination Board?
The termination board is for the P core or independent protection module.

What are the various termination signal types that can be found in the module?
The board has Overspeed magnetic pickups, flame detectors, bus voltages, generator voltages, and current, as well as synchronization, protective inputs, alarm horn enable and deactivate hardware jumper positions.

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