DS200PCCAG5A - DC Power Connect Card

DS200PCCAG5A - DC Power Connect Card DS200PCCAG5A - DC Power Connect Card

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Part Number: DS200PCCAG5A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Product Type: Power Connect Card
Series: EX2000
Availability: In Stock

DS200PCCAG5A is a DC Power Connect Card (PCCA) manufactured by General Electric. It is a part of EX2000 excitation system. The Power Connect Card (PCCA) provides an interface between the DC2000 drive's control circuitry and the SCR power bridge. Gate drive for the SCR bridge is provided by the PCCA using pulse transformers.

DS200PCCAG5A Functional Description

  • The PCCA additionally incorporates snubber circuits to regulate spikes across the ac lines, do bus, and gate drivers for low- to medium-horsepower controllers.
  • Some or all of the snubber circuits for greater horsepower controllers are not included in the PCCA and are instead found elsewhere in the system. There are eleven group codes in the PCCA.
  • The system voltage, frame size, and kind of power conversion employed by the system all affect the group number that is used in that system.

Configurable Hardware

  • The four-wire jumpers on the PCCA are numbered JP1, JP2, WP3, and WP4. According to the card group number and system voltage, jumpers JP1 and JP2 must be connected to the proper stab terminals P3 through P10.
  • Stabbing terminals P1A and P1B are connected using jumpers WP3 and WP4, respectively. These jumpers are used to determine if the voltage feedback channels and PCCA snubber capacitors are connected to the same location on the power bridge.


  • The cables from the old board must be removed and replaced on the new replacement board. However, extreme caution must be exercised to avoid damaging the cables, and different procedures must be followed depending on the cable type. GE exciters and drivers are usually compatible with these boards.
  • Pulse transformers are used for gate drive duties to the SCR bridge and are populated on PCCA boards. Some of these boards additionally have snubber circuits for dampening power spikes across gate drivers, dc buses, and ac lines. On higher horsepower controllers like the G5A, these operations are frequently located elsewhere in the system.
  • Frames J, K, and M are compatible with the board. It works with a DCFB power supply board and uses leg fuses and reactors. On the board, six transformers are located in one line, with six more transformers indicated on the board for other board versions.
  • Jumpers, which are featured in the majority of other variants, are also missing from this version of the board. The rest of the board is made up of multiple plug connectors that typically match up with the transformers mentioned above.

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What is DS200PCCAG5A?
DS200PCCAG5A is a DC Power Connect Card (PCCA) manufactured by General Electric.

Which power supply board is utilized with the DC Power Connect Card?
DCFB is the power supply board for the PCCAG5A

Power Connect Card has how many AC volts?
It has an RMS AC voltage of 1500 V

What functionality does the PCCA add to the SCR bridge?
The gate drive for the SCR bridge is provided by pulse transformers.