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Part Number: DS200PCCAG3A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V

GE Speedtronic Mark V DS200PCCAG3A is a DC Power Connect Board Which serves as an interface between the drive and the SCR power bridge. Because of the drive's and board's architecture, installing the drive is simple. The first step is to consult the driver's handbook for information and to undertake a complete shutdown operation. This shuts down the drive in a controlled manner, ensuring that no components are damaged and that the power-on procedure is quick and painless. After that, you must disconnect the drive from all power sources. Consult a professional for advice on the best course of action. It's advisable to take the main fuses out of the power sources. This technique can only be performed by qualified installers or servicers who have the necessary knowledge and abilities. Wait several seconds for the remaining power to escape the board components once all power has been turned off and disconnected.

  • The capacitors on the board store some power during operation, and it takes time for the power to depart. Check the board for power with testing equipment. Before continuing, double-check that all power has been turned off. Personal damage, such as electric shock, electrical burns, or catching fire, is no longer a possibility.
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What is the DS200PCCAG3A interface for?

The DS200PCCAG3A is a connector that connects the control circuitry of the drive to the SCR power bridge.

What is the total number of jumpers in DS200PCCAG3A?

There are four jumpers on the DS200PCCAG3A. JP1, JP2, WP3, and WP4 are the jumpers on the DS200PCCAG3A.

Is the DS200PCCAG3A equipped with frames?

No, the DS200PCCAG3A does not use frames. The DS200PCCAG3A is a G3 board, and the G3 and G4 board groups are the only ones that don't require frames.