DS200PANAH1A - ARCNET LAN Driver Board

DS200PANAH1A - ARCNET LAN Driver Board DS200PANAH1A - ARCNET LAN Driver Board

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Part No.: DS200PANAH1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: ARCNET LAN Driver Board
Series: Mark V

DS200PANAH1A is an ARCNET LAN Driver Board developed by GE under Mark V series. COREBUS and Stage Link may communicate through ARCNET thanks to the LAN Driver Board (PANA). PANA attaches to both AAHA boards via its APL and BPL connections and is housed as a daughterboard on the LBC586P board in R. Through its P1 and P2 bus connectors, the PANA board transmits data to the Control Engine LBC586P processor board. In position 1 of R, there is one PANA board.

DS200PANAH1A Connectors

  • Link between the AAHA1 board and APL-ARCNET for communication.
  • Communication with the AAHA2 board through BPL-ARCNET.
  • Bus connection to the LBC586P board through pin P1.
  • Bus connection to the LBC586P board through pin P2.

DS200PANAH1A Configuration


The COREBUS and Stage Link ARCNET addresses for the R core are set using the four switches on the PANA board. The first two are for Stage Link, and the second two are for Channel B. (COREBUS). Each ARCNET channel's interrupt, I/O, and memory addresses are configured via hardware jumpers. All of these internal software options are factory-specific. It is important to confirm that the hardware jumper settings on replacement boards are identical to those on the original board.


The PANA board uses no software configuration.

DS200PANAH1A Features

One 40-pin connector, ten jumpers, and one 64-pin connector are among the features. Two RF FET semiconductor devices are also included on the GE ARCNET No-LAN LM Gas Turbine Control Board to amplify and modify the signal. The board, which is 3.75 inches square, is made to be mounted to the board rack located inside the drive. The holes in the board's corners line up with the corresponding holes in the board rack. Installing the replacement board requires using the screws that held the broken board to the rack. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws before removing the damaged board, and hold the screws with the other hand. Remove the screws from the drive without dropping them. The default settings for the 10 jumpers are predetermined at the factory.


The jumpers can be customized by the installer at the initial installation so that the board will handle information as needed by the site. The installer cannot alter some jumpers since they are factory-set. Exclusively one position is supported, and they are only used for testing on the assembly line. The jumpers have special identification numbers with the prefix JP. Examine the faulty board and note the jumper positions and identifications. You must set all 10 jumpers exactly where they are in the original board in order for the replacement to be configured to function identically.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS200PANAH1A?
DS200PANAH1A is an ARCNET LAN Driver Board developed by GE under Mark V series.

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