DS200NATOG2ACB - Voltage Feedback Scaling Board

DS200NATOG2ACB - Voltage Feedback Scaling Board DS200NATOG2ACB - Voltage Feedback Scaling Board

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Part No.: DS200NATOG2ACB
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)
Product Type: Voltage Feedback Scaling Board
Series: LCI

DS200NATOG2ACB is a Voltage Feedback Scaling Board developed by GE. The Voltage Feedback Scaling Board (NATO) attenuates the AC and DC voltages of an SCR bridge, allowing accurate bridge voltage feedbacks to be generated. It collaborates with two other boards: a VME backplane and a gate distribution and status board.


  • The NATO board has five identical precision resistor strings that are connected in series.
  • Each of the three AC phases has its own string, as do the positive and negative DC bus voltages. Each string can be adjusted to accept 6900, 4200, 3300, 2200, or 1200 volt input using a choice of three different input stab connectors and two wire jumpers.


  • The five strings' outputs are coupled to a single 20-pin ribbon header.
  • If the output ribbon circuit is stopped while the input voltage is present, a metal oxide varis tor (MOV) prevents the output voltage of each string from rising too high. Instead of the NATO board, the burden resistor is positioned on the gate distribution and status board.

DS200NATOG2ACB Board Replacement

  1. Switch off the power.
  2. To remove the NATO board, unplug all wires carefully as follows:
    1. Place one hand on either side of the cable connector that mates with the board connector for ribbon cables without pull tabs.
    2. Pull the cable connector gently with both hands. Carefully pull the tab on ribbon cables with pull tabs.
  3. Take out the standoffs that are holding the board in place. Take out the lock washers.
  4. Hold the NATO board level and slowly pull the board straight out with both hands.
  5. Replace the standoffs and lock washers with the new NATO board.
  6. Reattach all cables, making sure that each connector is firmly positioned at both ends.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS200NATOG2ACB?
DS200NATOG2ACB is a Voltage Feedback Scaling Board developed by GE

How to obtain this Voltage Feedback Scaling Board?
World of Controls can supply unused and rebuilt NATO board backed up with a warranty. Contact us.