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Part Number: DS200NATOG2A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Function: Input/Output Card

The GE Innovation Series of AC Drives Voltage Feedback Scaling Board, Model Number DS200NATOG2A, is a General Electric card. The NATO acronym is used in General Electric documentation and manuals to designate the DS200NATOG2A. The GE Innovation Series of AC Drives produced the DS200NATOG2A, which is a voltage feedback scaling board. This card can attenuate AC and DC voltages from the SCR bridge and permit precise readings of voltage feedbacks from the bridge if properly fitted. This board interacts with a number of drive components.

  • The DS200NATOG2A interfaces with the VME backplane of the system, as well as the gate distribution and status board.
  • Individual strings for each of the three AC phases are attached to precision resistors and used to alter the setting. There are two more strings that interact with the positive and negative DC bus voltages.
  • These five strings all connect to a single 20-pin ribbon header, which can be seen in the manual's board drawing. An inbuilt metal oxide varistor will prevent any spikes while the input voltage is recognized as a safety measure if any output voltage ranges too high.

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What are AC drives?

An AC drive is a device that regulates the speed of an electrical motor to improve process control. Reduce energy consumption and increase energy production efficiency. Mechanical stress in motor control applications is reduced. optimize the operation of various electric motor-based applications

What are the types of AC drives?

The type of AC motor utilized determines how AC motor drives are classed. Induction, synchronous, sensorless vector, and servo drives are the most prevalent types.

What is SCR Bridge?

The SCR bridge's is to regulate the amount of voltage given to the motor. The SCR, or silicon controlled rectifier, works in the same way as ordinary rectifiers in that it allows current to flow in one direction while blocking it in the other.

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Does the DS200NATOG2A have a Warranty?

WOC can also supply UNUSED and REBUILT DS200NATOG2A backed up with a warranty.

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WOC maintains a large inventory and can fulfill many orders the same day. Please contact us for additional information.