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DS200LDCCH1A - Drive control and LAN control board

DS200LDCCH1A - Drive control and LAN control board DS200LDCCH1A - Drive control and LAN control board

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Part Number: DS200LDCCH1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States
Instruction Manual: GEI-100216
Product Type: Excitation card
Series: EX2000
Availability: In Stock

DS200LDCCH1A is a Drive Control LAN Communications Board manufactured by General Electric as part of the EX2000 Series used in excitation drive control systems. It is used to operate as a drive control LAN (local area network) communications board. It provides primary drive Control LAN Communications Board (LDCC) and I/O control functions for GE family for drives and Exciters.

DS200LDCCH1A Functional Description

LAN communication is managed by the Drive Control and LAN Control Board (LDCC), which also allows operator access and control via the Programmer keyboard. Additionally, it has motor control microprocessors that keep an eye on field voltage and current regulators, gating, and overcurrent protection, as well as the drive control microprocessor that monitors start/stop sequencing, alarms, trips, and outer loop regulators.

  • Microprocessor control and processing of drive, motor, and customer I/O functions.
  • Microprocessor control of local area network LAN communications for drive I/O
  • Application software and customer-specific configuration data for the drive
  • Onboard operator interface for software adjustments and diagnostic testing

DS200LDCCH1A Features

The LDCC contains four microprocessors for processing control, applications, and I/O functions

  • Drive control processor (DCP) at location U1
  • Motor Control processor (MCP) at location U21
  • Co-Motor processor (CMP) at location U35
  • LAN control processor at location U18

DS200LDCCH1A Characteristics

  • A sophisticated self-diagnosis feature is included on the EX2000 exciter. When a problem arises, the programmer's display flashes a fault code with the name and number of the defect.
    The defect number is also shown in coded form on the LDCC display.
  • Control System Toolbox (toolbox) and LDCC board programmer are used to make software adjustments.
  • The operator station or the A/M selector button on the LDCC board programming keypad are used to enabling automatic regulation.
    VAR.953 ASPAUTOA will be true if the auto is in use.
  • The LDCC boards stores onboard software in memory chips. Sic flash PROMS like (U6, U7, U11, U12, U22, and U23) contain configuration data. The CMP performs math-intensive functions to support motor control algorithms beyond the MCP capability. The LDCC uses the processor and associated circuitry only. When the drive requires additional processing ability.

The LDCC controls LAN communications with its LAN control processor. It provides isolated and non-isolated circuits.


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What is DS200LDCCH1A
DS200LDCCH1A is a Drive Control LAN Communications Board manufactured by General Electric.

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