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Part Number: DS200ITXSG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V

The General Electric FANUC Mark V DS200ITXSG1A is an Inverter Snubber Board that is part of EX200 Excitation Controls systems. One 8-pin connector, two 2-pin connectors, and numerous test points are included. It's also got four capacitors in it. The GE Inverter Snubber Board DS200ITXSG1A creates heat, which, if left to accumulate, might cause sensors in the drive to give an error condition in order to prevent the drive from overheating. If the drive is allowed to overheat, the electrical components or the motor may be damaged. A safety danger that results in a fire can also occur. If the drive overheats, it will automatically shut down, and you will need to take action to correct the problem. A trip condition occurs when the drive is automatically cut off to prevent an overheat condition.

  • An error message appears on the control panel display when a trip condition occurs. The easiest method to avoid an overheating situation is to place the drive in a location where air can readily flow over and through it.
  • Depending on the circumstances, you may need to provide chilled forced air to cool the drive's components. Dust and strong chemicals must also be kept out of the air. The drive is designed to allow air to flow from the bottom hole and pass over the components, cooling them.
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What is Mark V DS200ITXSG1A?

DS200ITXSG1A is an Inverter Snubber Board.

How many Connectors are included in DS200ITXSG1A?

One 8-pin connector, two 2-pin connectors, and numerous test points are included in DS200ITXSG1A.