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DS200IPCDG1A - IGBT P3 DB SNUBBER C is available in stock which ships the same day.

DS200IPCDG1A - IGBT P3 DB SNUBBER C comes in UNUSED as well as REBUILT condition.

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Part No.: DS200IPCDG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V

DS200IPCDG1A is an IGBT P3 DB SNUBBER CARD that comes in the Mark V series of General Electric. It consists of one 4-pin connector and seven screws, and this helps adjust the insulated bipolar transistor (IGBT). Because the drive contains a high level of electric current to power the motor, handling the components in the drive can result in hazardous conditions. As a result, only qualified servicers should carry out the work. Recognizing the dangers of excessive current and comprehending the electric cabling in the drive are two requirements. The servicer must also be familiar with the components of the drive, how to access them, and how the drive is powered. Disconnecting the drive from power is one of the initial steps.

  • The servicer must always assume that the drive has power. The servicer will never be caught off guard and suffer a burn, significant damage, or electric shock if they follow that procedure. If the servicer comes into contact with a live wire or components that have electricity, it could result in death.
  • Because moisture transmits electricity and can pose a dangerous scenario, the servicer must inspect the area around the drive for moisture on the floor. It's critical to keep the floor dry and free of dirt, as well as oil and grease. Because ungrounded electrical wires are a safety hazard, throw them away.
  • It is never a good idea for a servicer to work alone. If an emergency arises, someone should be nearby to contact for assistance. During the replacement procedure, the partner might also assist the servicer.

WOC has the largest stock of Speedtronic Mark V control spares and we can repair your faulty parts with a warranty. WORLD OF CONTROLS can also supply UNUSED and REBUILT DS200IPCDG1A backed up with a warranty. Our team of experts are available round the clock to support your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of the DS200IPCDG1A control?

Both gas and steam turbine operated Mark V controllers can use the DS200IPCDG1A.

What is the DS200IPCDG1A shipping weight?

The shipping weight of the part is approximately 1 pound and 6 ounces. The shipping weight varies depending on the type of box used to ship it.

What are the uses for the DS200IPCDG1A?

It is used for EX2000 applications.